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Unified Widescreen Platform Video Theme Project

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Welcome to the Unified Widescreen Platform Video Theme Project!
This video project is based on the Unified Megatheme project which was originally created for HyperSpin by Gibbawho and eventually continued and expanded by various other users as well. The themes of this project are designed for widescreen displays and share all the same basic structure to give all themes a simple and unified look.

My goal is to recreate all Unified Megathemes as video files so that they can be used within other Front End’s like LaunchBox as well.
I’m using Adobe After Effects to create the videos with their original source files (when they were available) and try to stay as accurate as possible to the HyperSpin originals.

So far I’ve done 124 platforms (including some region variants and compilations) + 84 alternative versions!



Atari Lynx.jpgCommodore 64.jpgMAME.jpgMicrosoft MS-DOS.jpgMicrosoft Windows.jpgNEC TurboGrafx-CD.jpgNintendo 3DS.jpgNintendo 64.jpgNintendo WiiWare.jpgOpenBOR.jpgPinball FX2.jpgSNK Neo Geo CD.jpgSony PlayStation.jpgSuper Nintendo Entertainment System.jpgTaito Type X (Alt Video).jpg


List of all videos (206 videos; 6GB in size total):


American Laser Games
American Laser Games (Alt - NoCab)
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad GX4000
Amstrad GX4000 (Alt - 2D RoboCop)
Apple II
Apple IIGS
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari 8-Bit
Atari Classics
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Atari Lynx (Alt)
Atari ST
Bally Astrocade
Bandai WonderSwan
Bandai WonderSwan Color
Bandai WonderSwan Color (Alt - 2D Chocobo)
Capcom Classics
Capcom Play System
Capcom Play System II
Capcom Play System III
Casio PV-1000
ColecoVision (Alt 1 - 2D Penguin)
ColecoVision (Alt 2)
ColecoVision (Alt 3)
Commodore 64
Commodore 64 (Alt)
Commodore Amiga
Commodore Amiga (Alt - 3D Lemming)
Commodore Amiga CD32
Data East Classics
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Entex Adventure Vision
Fairchild Channel F
Flash Games
Fujitsu FM Towns
Future Pinball
Game & Watch
GCE Vectrex
Irem Classics
Konami Classics
Magnavox Odyssey 2
MAME (Alt - Arcade Classics Marquee)
MAME (Alt 2 - NoCab)
MAME (Alt 3 - NoCab - Arcade Classics)
Mattel Intellivision
Microsoft - Xbox
Microsoft MS-DOS
Microsoft MS-DOS (Alt - 3D Duke Nukem)
Microsoft MSX
Microsoft MSX2
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows (Alt - Steam Logo)
Midway Classics
Namco Classics
NEC PC Engine
NEC PC Engine-CD
NEC PC Engine-CD (Alt)
NEC PC-FX (Alt 1)
NEC PC-FX (Alt 2)
NEC SuperGrafx
NEC SuperGrafx (Alt - White Background)
NEC TurboDuo
NEC TurboGrafx-16
NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Alt - 3D Splatterhouse)
NEC TurboGrafx-CD
NEC TurboGrafx-CD (Alt - 3D Bomberman)
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64 (Alt 1 - 3D Mario Kart)
Nintendo 64 (Alt 2 - 2D Link)
Nintendo 64 (Alt 3 - 3D Conker)
Nintendo Classics
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 1 - 2D Mario)
Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 2 - 2D Link)
Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 3 - 2D Zitz)
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo Famicom (Alt 1 - 2D Mario)
Nintendo Famicom (Alt 2 - 2D Mega Man)
Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Alt - 3D MegaMan)
Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube (Alt 1 - 3D Pikmin)
Nintendo GameCube (Alt 2 - 3D AiAi)
Nintendo Satellaview
Nintendo Satellaview (Alt - 2D Yoshi)
Nintendo Super Famicom
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii U (Alt - 3D Luigi-Yoshi)
Nintendo WiiWare
Nintendo WiiWare (Alt - Various Characters)
OpenBOR (Alt - 2D Street Fighter)
Panasonic 3DO
Panasonic 3DO (Alt - 2D Brain Dead 13)
Philips CD-i
Philips CD-i (Alt Controller)
Philips VG 5000
Pinball FX2
RCA studio II
Sammy Atomiswave
Sammy Atomiswave  (Alt 1 - NoUnifiedCab)
Sammy Atomiswave  (Alt 2 - NoCab)
ScummVM (Alt 1 - 2D Day of the Tentacle)
ScummVM (Alt 2 - 3D Sam-Max-FullThrottle)
Sega 32X
Sega 32X (Alt)
Sega CD
Sega CD (Alt 1 - 3D Sonic)
Sega CD (Alt 2 - 3D Sonic-DarkBackground)
Sega CD (Alt 3 - 2D Earthworm Jim-DarkBackground)
Sega Classics
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast (Alt 1 - 3D Shadow)
Sega Dreamcast (Alt 2 - 2D Sophitia)
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis (Alt 1 - 2D Sonic)
Sega Genesis (Alt 2 - 2D Sparkster)
Sega Genesis (Alt 3 - 3D Ristar)
Sega Hikaru
Sega Master System
Sega Master System (Alt 1)
Sega Master System (Alt 2)
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive (Alt - 2D Sonic)
Sega Mega Drive (Alt 2 - 2D Sparkster)
Sega Mega Drive (Alt 3 - 3D Ristar)
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD (Alt 1 - 3D Sonic)
Sega Mega-CD (Alt 2 - 3D Sonic-DarkBackground)
Sega Mega-CD (Alt 3 - 2D Earthworm Jim-DarkBackground)
Sega Model 2
Sega Model 2 (Alt 1 - NoCab)
Sega Model 2 (Alt 2 - NoCab)
Sega Model 3
Sega Model 3 (Alt 1 - NoCab)
Sega Model 3 (Alt 2 - NoCab)
Sega Naomi
Sega Naomi (Alt 1 - NoCab)
Sega Naomi (Alt 2 - NoCab)
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn (Alt - 2D Guardian Heroes)
Sega SC-3000
Sega SG-1000
Sega SG-1000 (Alt - 2D Flicky)
Sega ST-V
Sega ST-V (Alt 1 - NoCab)
Sega ST-V (Alt 2 - NoCab)
Sega Triforce
Sharp X68000
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Alt - 2D Bombjack)
SNK Classics
SNK Neo Geo AES (Alt - 2D Marco Rossi)
SNK Neo Geo CD
SNK Neo Geo CD (Alt - 2D Terry Bogard)
SNK Neo Geo Pocket
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color (Alt - 3D Marco Rossi)
Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation (Alt)
Sony PlayStation 2
Sony PlayStation Portable
Sony PlayStation Portable (Alt - 3D Sackboy-Kratos)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 1 - Mario-Yoshi)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 2 - 2D Secret of Mana)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 3 - 2D Link)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Alt 4 - 2D Samus)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL) (Alt 1 - 2D Mario-Yoshi)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL) (Alt 2 - 2D Secret of Mana)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL) (Alt 3 - 2D Link)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL) (Alt 4 - 2D Samus)
Taito Classics
Taito Type X
Taito Type X (Alt Video)
Tiger game.com
Touhou Project
Touhou Project (Alt)
VTech CreatiVision
Watara Supervision
Williams Classics
WoW Action Max


You can download these videos only on EmuMovies as I’m using their gameplay videos for most of them and don’t want to rip off the guys over there in any way.
I won't upload these videos anywhere else and neither should you!


Platforms A-C

Platforms D-M

Platforms N

Platforms O - S (Part 1)

Platforms S (Part 2)

Platforms S (Part 3)

Platforms S (Part 4) - Z


If you need a nice theme which is optimized for using these kind of videos than I would suggest to check out my BigBox theme CriticalZone:


To everyone who has a request:

The structure of the unified themes is pretty simple, so with the right images I could create some new ones for you.  I will do all your requests BUT you have to provide me all of the following source files:

- Neutral Background image (no characters, consoles or controller). If possible in 1920x1080.

- Gameplay video (NO trailer / features at least 3 or more games)

- Clear Logo (transparent background / high resolution)

- Picture of the system (transparent background / high resolution) [I don't need that for arcade systems]

- Picture of a gamepad for this system (transparent background / high resolution) [I don't need that for arcade, handheld and computer systems]

- Character of a popular game which can be played on this system (transparent background / high resolution)

I have zero Photoshop skills, so all images already have to be properly edited to fit the requirements or I have to refuse your request

Also be aware that most of the themes were just recreated and slightly modified by me. Similar goes for the platform videos which I mostly just took from EmuMovies. So full credits go to their original creators. Thanks guys!

Circo and the whole EmuMovies team

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I don't know as I've mostly used the original .psd files which were huge. But I would assume that the HS themes are taking much less space as they are just a bunch of compressed images and not 1080p@60fps full length videos in almost lossless quality ;)

But my videos are surely more smaller in size compared to other cinematic platform videos as there's not much moving around except for the gameplay.

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when selecting all as you can as a premium  N keeps failing to download? 

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Wow! How did I miss this thread ! @CriticalCid Thanks so much for doing all this. The unified theme was definitely my favorite when I used to use Hyperspin.

Wish I could check these out but emumovies website is down again for me at the moment :( 

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