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Please post 7.0 release info - new features, bug fixes, and enhancements


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I skipped the 7.0 beta versions because I didn't think I would use the new video/theme stuff and auto rom scanning.

Before I think about upgrading my 6.12 LB, I would really appreciate if someone could post a list of the new stuff AND a list of general bug fixes and improvements.

I'm hoping after I upgrade that my LB and BB remain exactly as they are now, but with more bug fixes and improvements, and no change to my current look and feel.

It would also be good to know if there are any new known issues.


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Version 7.0 - Released December 16, 2016

- New Premium Feature: Various platform theme videos are now available to download from directly within LaunchBox using Tools > Download Platform Theme Videos

- New Premium Feature: Background music is now supported in Big Box; simply place any background music tracks into the LaunchBox\Music\Background folder and enable it in the Big Box Sound options

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now has an On Screen Display for music tracks; it can be disabled in the Big Box Sound options

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now has an option to prioritize music tracks over video audio; it's available in the Big Box Sound options

- New Premium Feature: Game theme videos are now available to download from EmuMovies in LaunchBox and can be used in place of standard gameplay videos in Big Box

- New Premium Feature: James Baker's Big Box Cinematix now includes his game theme videos as well; they're available in all of the import and metadata update processes

- New Feature: Full soundtracks are now supported for games via m3u playlists in both LaunchBox and Big Box; simply put the m3u playlist file into the music track field

- New Feature: You can switch between music tracks using new keyboard mapping and controller button mapping options for Next Track and Previous Track in Big Box, or using the new controls in the bottom bar for LaunchBox

- New Feature: A new Category field has been added to platforms which will allow you to organize your platforms into a nested list. Select Platform Category from the list at the top of the left sidebar to arrange your platforms by category.

- New Feature: Scan for Added ROMs and Scan for Removed ROMs features are now available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox; they make it easier to update your collections without reimporting. Make sure your platform game folders are correct under Tools > Manage Platforms before using this feature.

- Improvement: CriticalCid's CriticalZone theme is now included by default with Big Box

- Improvement: Custom themes now support custom videos that will override the videos in the user's collection

- Improvement: Custom images (and now videos) for custom themes now support Scrape As properly

- Improvement: Big Box custom themes now support theme settings to override the user's default settings

- Improvement: Navigating the LaunchBox sidebar with the keyboard or a controller is much smoother

- Improvement: File Name is now available as an option to display in game details in Big Box

- Improvement: Updated our list of awesome Patreon producers in the About screen

- Improvement: Massive startup performance improvements for Big Box and LaunchBox; for example, with one 50,000-game library startup performance was reduced from 1 minute in Big Box to around 10 seconds

- Improvement: Large performance improvements when populating games in LaunchBox

- Fixed: The Big Box Fade transition wasn't always properly fading in and out when fading to empty content

- Fixed: There was a major performance issue in LaunchBox when arranging by certain fields (anything that duplicates games in the list was causing the slowdown; bug was originated with the XML split)

- Fixed: The horizontal boxes games view in Big Box was not remembering platform-specific image types

- Fixed: Big Box showed an error on startup if the theming Documentation.pdf file was open

- Fixed: Occasionally games would refuse to delete when removing entire platforms or when games did not have a platform associated with them

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Thanks for posting this! Really looking forward to seeing the performance improvements after I wait a bit to see if people are having any upgrade issues!

Thanks a bunch to the LB team!

Can't wait to see what is cooking up next for a nice xmas present! :) 


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I was actually wondering about which of the application files would be needed to roll back without using the installer.

If it's only those two EXE files and the data folder, that makes it very easy. Thanks for letting me know that!

Edit: and if it's that simple. then I see no reason not to upgrade shortly! woot!

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it changed my Options/View settings. I don't know what to set too get my wheel back to the way it was (text only now) and my videos. I'm trying to go through all the settings for "Games List View" and "Platforms list view". I think the upgrade messed that up royally as well as took away my platform video settings set to nyny's videos.

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Ok, I figured out the BB view settings the upgrade messed up.

For everyone who will hit this, I had to change to these setting values to get my normal view back. Doing this also got my platform videos back there.


"Games List View" => CoverFlow with Details

"Platforms list view" = Platform Wheel 1

I "think" that got me all squared away.

I wish it did not get changed though.

My BB Theme was just "Default" and still is.

FYI @Jason Carr


Actually, I ended up having to set this to get back to normal:

"Games List View" => Vertical Wheel 1

"Platforms list view" = Platform Wheel 1

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I looked in my 6.12 backup file and before the upgrade it was set with <PlatformsListView> = "PlatformWheelImageDetailsThumbs"

And before upgrade i also had Gameslistview=Vertical ClearLogoWheel 

both of those changed and i had to choose something else to get what appears to be the same

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9 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

Yeah unfortunately since the program even when stable is a wip and thing like view names can change you handled fixing it on your own very well and now you will be better prepared if (when) it happens again.

The hard part was that the settings had no one-to-one mapping. They are called something brand new now.


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14 minutes ago, ckp said:

The hard part was that the settings had no one-to-one mapping. They are called something brand new now.


Yes, some views were renamed to have a more neutral name. That change was requested by me because the names were only perfectly fitting for the default theme and for custom themes the old names may not have always reflected what the view actually is. Sorry if that caused trouble for you.

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