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New to BigBox, I have some control configuration questions


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So I just went premium, and I'll be setting up an HTPC in March. I've been doing some experimenting with my lower end laptop with BigBox and was able to experimentally get N64 and SNES setup (via retroarch), and also configured it to launch Plex Media Player(which works beautifully).

So to solidify BigBox as my frontend, I need to know if it works with an IR Remote control for navigation. If so, is it natively setup or does it require additional configuration? I will be using a Harmony 890 remote for general navigation (with USB IR adapter for PC & RF extender), but be using adapters and native controllers for each emulator (N64 controllers for N64, GameCube for GameCube, etc).

And as an extra question: Is there a way to make BigBox execute at windows startup? (I plan on running windows 10 on this box).

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Okay there is no escape feature on my remote so I could navigate I could use OK to enter menus but I had no way of backing out with the remote until I changed the back key to backspace instead of escape so depending on your remote you may have to do the same thing also


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That is awesome to hear. I can't wait to experiment with that myself. I also discovered that if you run shell:startup you can make a shortcut to BigBox.exe and the computer will automatically start it when you turn it on. So I'm really feeling BigBox as an ideal front end. I'm really excited to see this to fruition with BigBox and Plex Media Player.

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