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Apple IIGS eff you! lol


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Omg I was so happy because I went back and did more tinkering after watching @SentaiBrad educational and super informative videos, I was able to conquer Apple II, MSX, MSX2, Atari 800, PC Engine Supergrafx, WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color, 3DO Interactive Mulitplayer, Colecovision, Sega Mega Drive, and Amiga!!!!


These were emus that just made me second-guess so much of myself but not anymore! So now we have come to the cursed APPLE IIGS!!! the most evul emu of them all thus far! idk how my brain has not exploded yet! Also I got PC ENGINE emu and roms working just perfect but where the heck do I stick them inside LaunchBox? I mean the Platform I have to create but scraping it as TurboGrafx-16 doesn't seem legit... The other options are PC ENGINE- FX, PC-8801, AND PC-9801

Is there a magical video to help me emulate my PC Engine games please help!

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MAME can emulate the Apple IIgs. The file format support list is

flop1 and flop2 and flop3 and flop4
dsk, po, fdi, td0, imd, cqm, d77, d88, 1dd

flop1 and flop2 only
do, bin, nib

flop3 and flop4 only
img, image, dc, 2img, 2mg

If all or most of your games are in the dsk (or another flop1 supported) format, then for your Associated Platform Default Command-Line Parameters you can use
apple2gs -flop1

This will handle your single disk games.

For multiple disk games you can set a Custom Command-Line Parameter for each game.
apple2gs -flop1 %romfile% -flop2 "full path to disk 2 goes here" and so on if needed.

If you have a few games which use a format that only supports flop3 and flop4, you can apply Custom Parameters to those games as well.
apple2gs -flop3
apple2gs -flop3 %romfile% -flop4 "full path to disk 2 goes here"

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Thanks, I hadn't realised that you could do it in MAME. How do I get Launchbox to run these games via MAME? All my Apple IIGS games are .7z format, which is not in your list. I guess I have to extract all first (to give .2mg files).

EDIT: using MAME as the emulator with command line parameter apple2gs -flop3, nothing happens. On double-clicking the game I briefly get the sand timer symbol then back to the arrow. MAME doesn't seem to load.

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