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JoyToKey Profiles for LaunchBox and Rocket Launcher

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This also has a lot to do with retro gaming, so old school is sort of the idea here.  I use joy2key the most for my ms-dos games which usually need different keymapping for each game.  It's easy and straightforward to make the profiles, and it works.  I spent hours with xpadder and it was just wonky, and could only load a profile based on what current .exe was running.  So RL with joy2key just works for me.

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On 5/6/2018 at 11:40 PM, Typhon said:

Guys I just started using RocketLauncher's built in Keymapping functionality, but in BigBox, I lose focus every time I exit the emulator and the BigBox profile is loaded. Has anyone had this issue?

I have the same issue. The only work around i know of so far is to not load the big box profile , and control big box with xinput controller ( does not support dinput)

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I use hotkeys to accomplish other things, like select+ a directional to change views, change themes, etc.

So for me it is necessary to have a JoytoKey profile for BigBox. I 'hacked' the keymapper.ahk to make it work (at least on my setup), but doing so makes HyperSpin KEEP focus even while fade ins are running and the game is running - because my scrubby solution makes it send a click both before and after.

Still working on a solution, with no knowledge of code. All I need is for RocketLauncher to send a single mouse click about half a second after JoytoKey has loaded, and all my problems are solved.

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I think I've solved this. elements604 I made a post over on the Rlauncher forums (following yours), I've updated my 'fix' in such a way that it (seems to) only send a click AFTER the frontend profile is loaded (which is what we want), and it no longer interferes with HyperSpin.


Give it a try and let me know if that works for you.

Honestly I can't believe I got this working. It was total luck and guesswork every step of the way - I wasn't even sure if my 'if' statements were in the right format.

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