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Question about automatic playlist


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    could someone tell me which playlists generates LB automatically?.

I have the complete MAME 0.185 romset, but I missing some playlist I watched in videos, for example AAE, Capcom CPS1, CPS2,...

I tried both configurations in imports, import priorizing regions, and import all the clones, and the result is the same with playlists.

Now the playlist that has been generated are:

- Atari Classics

- Capcom Classics

- Cave

- Daphne

- Data East Classics

- Irem Classics

- Konami Classics

- Midway Classics

- Namco Classics

- Namco Classics 22

- Nintendo Classics

- Sega Classics

- Sega Hikaru

- Sega ST-V

- SNK Classics

- SNK Neo Geo MVS

- Taito Classics

- William Classics



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That's strange then, i certainly have those platforms and they were auto created when i imported. I am on the 0.184 set though not the newest 0.185 set, maybe something has changed in the 0.185 set that has broken that? Hopefully someone who is using the 0.185 set can offer some guidance for you. Here is a shot of my Arcade list, as you can see I have all the CPS platforms.


Screenshot (124).png

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Yes, if platforms already exist, it won't create playlists for them instead. Also, it currently searches through any platform that it identifies as an Arcade platform, so that would include AAE. Not sure why any playlists would be missing though, other than if it didn't find any games to include in them.

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@Jason Carr @Charco @neil9000 problem solved.

I had Capcom CPS as platforms a few weeks ago, after delete as platforms, it seems that platform.xml doesn´t update correctly, so LB detects that platforms already exists (maybe I had the platforms.xml file opened....) silly mistake...



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@neil9000 a few questions,

Do you use the MAME romset split? or merge?

When you imported the MAME / Arcade roms, do you import priorizing a region or with all clones?, and do you remember the skips options you have checked?

Looking your screenshots, I missed Buster Bros game for example, but I have the rom, so it´s probably that the rom didn´t import to LB due a option I missed.


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@flores9 I use a complete non merged set and a complete chd set. When importing i left region set to USA or north America (whichever one was default). I imported all clones (as launchbox should combine them into one entry) i skipped fruit machines, mechanical games and i think that was about it, it was a while ago now. Basically i tried to import as much as i could excluding fruit and mechanical games.

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