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@DOS76 - 

The reason for them not being in the navbar at the moment is due to the fact that Jason, Myself and Brad need to review them. To be fair, they shouldn't be on the add new game page either, as they're not "production-ready" yet, but I'm rolling out the UI anyways as the database is still in Alpha status. (i.e. we need to change the verbiage, spellcheck them, format them so they look better, make an interface so as to allow for easy editing, make a webpage to display them properly, remove a lot of them as most of them were band-aid fixes to DB bugs or limitations, etc).

Basically, guidelines are still a work in progress, but they should be done shortly-ish :).

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8 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

I just found it ironic here is the one guy who wants to actually read the rules before he submits anything and he can't find them.

Normally I don't... but when it comes to scraping artwork I'm totally anal... which could probably be worded better, but you get the idea... 

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No, you can't take an NES box and make it an Arcade box. It would at most be a Fan Art creation, but even then, there's nothing saying you can't use it locally on your machine. Also, yea, I just edited the Guidelines recently to account for more changes, but Alex keeps making them, so  I've been waiting to see what changes. I was making revisions, then my revisions would be out of date. :P I am eventually wanting to get them off of a Google Doc and on the site directly. The in-line stuff did also not work the way we wanted.

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