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Bigbox Startup & Windows Games Error


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Dear LaunchBox Comm.

I have Setup Windows Game in BigBox & run at startup in windows 10 (64Bit). When i launch windows game through bigbox the Windows Game wouldn't run. But when i launch game without bigbox Games run perfectly fine, afterward when i open bigbox manualy and start game thorugh BigBox game run without any kind of error. Its Give me Error only on startup. Can someone tell me how can i resolve this problem it will make my day easy. 

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i have setup many game all game given me error except one game Name is Virtua Cop 2

Following are some game which is given me a problem i can not given u all list of game because the list is very vast.

Need for speed underground 1 and 2

Neef for speed Most Wanted

GTA Vice City

GTA SanAdreas


Doom 3 and many other games.

Games is not given me any problems only when first time launch game thourgh Bigbox game wouldn't run.  

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16 minutes ago, hpwkhan said:

i can not given u all list of game because the list is very vast

That's fine if it's the vast majority of your games there is no need to list them all.

Did you use the Import > Windows Games from the Tools menu or did you import your games another way such as one at a time or importing a bunch of shortcuts ?

Check some of your games by right clicking and then edit. Make sure that the path to the exe (or shortcut lnk) is correct in the Launcher tab. Also check in the Emulation tab that the "Use an  emulator to play this game" box is unchecked.

Very strange that one game works but the rest don't. If you did the Import Windows Games method I guess it could be possible it detected and used the wrong shortcut or exe file. That method is not my preferred method to import Windows games, my way to is put shortcuts for all my games into a single folder which becomes a sort of fake "roms" folder. I then import all the shortcut files, pick a temporary emulator just for the importer and then once all the games are imported I select all the games in the Windows platform, right and edit them bringing up the bulk edit wizard and change the emulator to none.

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