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SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

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I have now uploaded all my covers to my Google drive in jpg format to keep size down (17 megs vs 118 megs) and for easy download instead of one at a time here in this thread.

I also went back and made my own versions of covers that I originally had not done because I was using NahuelDS' covers. His covers are not uploaded to my Google drive at all so if you prefer to use his you will have to go back further in this thread and grab them.

I will still be updating this thread with individual covers in png format like I have been doing but you can always check my Google drive.

Here is the link to my Google drive, it will give you access to the covers plus the alternate covers that I make when I find more than 1 good image to use for a cover.


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Here are all the covers I didn't do before because I was using NahuelDS' covers which are awesome and served as inspiration for me to make my own.




Chrono Trigger.png

Contra III.png

Donkey Kong Country 2.png

Donkey Kong Country.png

Final Fight Guy.png

Final Fight.png



Illusion of Gaia.png

Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past.png

Mega Man X.png


Mega Man X3.png

Rock and Roll Racing.png

Secret of Evermore.png

Secret of Mana 2.png

Secret of Mana.png

Super Castlevania IV.png

Super Ghost N Ghosts.png

Super Mario World.png

Super Metroid.png

Super Road Blaster.png


Top Gear 2.png

Mega Man X2.png

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@Lordmonkus Thanks for making the covers and for the google drive link. I went and deleted all mine and went with your new versions. I am sure I said it before but it is worth saying again....these are freakin’ epic! :D

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Thanks, i'm glad you like them and they are useful.

I really cannot take any credit for any of them since I am just taking art found using Google Images, thankfully for most games there is plenty of great art to choose from. Some games though have a lousy selection of art work out there to use and those are actually the more pain in the ass ones, those take the most time to do since I have to really dig for something usable. So far the most annoying ones have been the Top Gear games, there is little to no fan art for them and anything there is out there is not really usable so that is why they are just using modified box art.

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Here are some quick DVD style case's for Unified Theme. 




The are some real quick CD-DVD Discs in the folder too, (these are just for fillers, nothing serious about them, just adds to Unified more than anything. I will redo them at some stage properly.



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​​​​​​​Addtional material
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And hers the Disc & Box, I was a bit limited in what i could find, for the box.


English Text



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