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Adjust dynamic marquee on ultrawide- FIXED!!


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Hi, I'm new to Launchbox. My first post.

After reading and watching videos I’ve decided to make the front end switch on my cabinet to Launchbox/Bigbox from Hyperspin/EDS/Hypermarquee. I paid for the subscription only after reading that bigbox will natively allow for a dynamic marquee. This is fantastic! However, I cannot find any options for the marquee. I’m using an LG ultrawide monitor as my marquee monitor. So far I’ve been unable to figure out how to move/adjust the images for the marquee. In Hypermarquee this is completely simple. You can drag the image and it will save. You can also set the image resolution size. Please tell me there is a way to adjust this image in bigbox. I need to be able to fill the entire screen on the ultrawide. Please also tell me how to choose exactly which image or video I want to be displayed on the marquee monitor.

Please advise.


Nick “junky” 

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Sorry to say but currently LB/BB does not allow you to set an image size preferences for your images. I suggest clicking the issues/request link in the header of the site and creating a BitBucket request for this be sure to vote for your own ticket.

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Thanks for the response.

Man that sucks. I guess I’ll need to stick with hyperspin until this is changed. Wish I would have known before paying.

Will you please let me know where to at least find the black background for the marquee? Maybe I can change that so that it will at least cover the whole screen. I can’t find it.

thanks again

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I’ve been using LB for a week now and I love it!

I have a temporary workaround for my ulatrawide marquee problem.

Whenever I load up BB the marquee image is cut off on the right side (about 1/3 of it) and my desktop image is showing on that portion. The artwork isn’t shifted over to the left like I originally thought, it’s being cut off. I’m assuming this is because LB/BB is trying to display the image in a 16:9 format and I’m displaying it on an ultrawide monitor. So I immediately open the options menu and cycle through the available options for the marquee screen (none, 1, 2). Once I’ve cycled back to screen 2, the image is miraculously fixed and fills the entire ultrawide monitor. Unfortunately this doesn’t save. I have to repeat this procedure each time I run BB.

Any thoughts as to why this works and how to fix it?



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Try taking a look here. Custom cut marquees for now need some editing in theme .xml to display right. Not many on the forum are using custom cut marquees so it is likely something that is not high up on Jason's list to attack. I will tag him though @Jason Carr to see if we can nudge him towards taking a look at it.

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