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BigBox and Windows 1709


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when I start BigBox I get the following error with my new Windows 10 (1709 - Creators Update):

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.HEVCVideoExtension_1.0.2512.0_x64__8wekyb3dbbwe\x64\hevcdecoder_store.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc0000428.

BigBox freeze! :-(

The File "hevcdecoder_store.dll" says "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file". 
Other users have the same problems with steam.

Google and the forumsearch cant help me.

Any ideas?

Thanks alot


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@Expello Are you using Windows Media Player or VLC for your video playback engine?

There does unfortunately seem to be something integral to Windows or the .NET framework messed up on that machine. Sadly I haven't found any real solutions in my searches. I guess I would try reinstalling/repairing Windows 10, although I know that's a pain. These days though you should be able to do that without losing any apps or settings.

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Thanks for your answers guys!

@Jason Carr
That's the mysterious thing, VLC is set as playback engine (i have double check this in the "BigBoxSettings.xml" <VideoPlaybackEngine>VLC</VideoPlaybackEngine>)
I test again on an other machine (my HTPC) on Windows 1709, and it works without any problems! So my mainmachine must have a defect.

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately without success...he found no "integrity violations" 100% are ok!

I will reinstall windows again and will report afterwards.

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Ok ich check the files on both maschines...he has the same checksum (CRC32 - A15050FA).

Although it does not make much sense, I copied it anyway ... unfortunately without success.

That is really crazy ... and incomprehensible.

Why does BB even check the MS DLL when VLC is set?


Ok some news...now i change to default theme and it works...without any problems. Before i had CintyHunter2 in use with a custom backgroundvideo.
Use the CH2 Theme a other player for her backgroundvideos?

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Some people suggest using LAV splitter. You could try installing KLite codec pack its included in that.

I have it installed on my win7 and I can see media player using the x264 decoder. But not on my Win10. Does sound like something is broken in your Win10.

I rolled backed the creator update. When I installed it my icons became unresponsive. But it was the lag that made it unusable. Even the mouse cursor would lag. I read it was an issue with ssd's, it might be sorted now but whats not broke and all that. Iv turned off automatic updates now as well. But it sounds like microsoft broke the HEVC decoder.

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2 minutes ago, jayjay said:

Lol. I remember one time, starting up BB and having Windows tell me BB cant start up because I wasn't connected to windows store or something like that. A restart sorted it. Windows 10 has def had its problems.

lol, I never said it hasn't had its problems, I guess I just got lucky with mine, but specifying a video codec for the error just seems really strange to me.

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Same here, I had serious reservations about migrating to Windows 10 but it's been very good with very few issues at all, certainly no more issues than any previous Windows going all the way back to Windows 95. Even the Creators Update has been painless for me, I wonder if maybe disabling all the tracking garbage has had a positive effect.

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I didnt go to windows 10 til I installed it on my boss's new build, she was the guinea pig... Apart from the 2 issues mentioned I haven't had much else go wrong and turning off the tracking stuff was the fist thing I done. Im way to paranoid  for that sorta stuff. But when my system starting to play up like it did I crapped myself. All the hours put into LB etc. Glad there was a roll back feature. Funny enough since then iv been a bit more consistent with image back ups.

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Ok, i install the LAV Fliters from here (https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases). Set the theme to CintyHunter2 and the error shows again...BUT when i click ok...it works! BB dont freeze anymore!

If i got the error message away ... everything is fine! hmmmm

The problem must be related to my background video ... can someone test that? (see attachement)
If I remove it, I get no more error messages!


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