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cumbersome import worflow


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It could just be that I'm approaching things the wrong way, but here's what I've been doing and the problems I'm seeing:


First, I import a set of games; let's say 100 genesis games, using the tools->import->rom files option. I always choose the option to de-dupe imports so that similarly named games aren't imported twice (multi region etc.)

Later, I have some more games to import. If I just choose 'scan for added roms', there is no option to do the de-duping, so I assume it is not doing it. So, what I end up doing is:

- delete the genesis platform

- do the tools->import->rom files option all over again to ensure everything happens cleanly.

Some side effects of this:

- all of my favorites are lost. It seems that launchbox doesn't remember a favorite once I delete it from my library.

- i keep my roms outside of launchbox folder. Every time I import anew, even when I point to a different folder, it always sets the folder as the default under launchbox, ie launchbox/roms/genesis or whatever. I end up having to re-open the platform after importing and changing the directory.


If I'm missing something here I'd love to know. Maybe all that's needed is a feature to 'remove duplicates' on already imported games, the same as is made available during an import. Then, I could always just run that tool after scanning for new roms.



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This is how I do things.

I use File Manager and navigate to where my roms for a system are and select all the roms I want and just drag them into LB to start the import wizard. I never use the tools>import. I then go through the imported collection and remove any junk I don't want. Then when I add new games to my collection I import them the same way. I never use the "Scan for added roms, it's problematic in LB and other frontends for the exact same reason you describe, it re-imports junk files you don't want.

If you have a game tagged as a favorite why would you remove it ? I'm not sure why this would be a problem that LB forgets that you had a rom removed from your library and if it did remember it, this would only serve to bloat the xml files with useless data.

I too keep my roms outside of the Launchbox folder.

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Well first of all, you chose the import rom  files option, that completely excludes the folder scan. as you did not specify a folder. so the first point is user error.

Secondly, if you want to scan a folder for added or deleted roms, then you need to tell Launchbox where it is, as it was not specified at import.

Yes if you delete your platforms and such you will also lose the things associated with it.

There is no need to delete it though, we can tell you how to keep it.


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I did specify the folder during the tools->import->rom files process; it's an option there.

I wasn't aware that you could repeatedly run the import->rom files process. I assumed you do that for initial import, and then use the 'scan for added/removed' roms feature when you change the roms in that platform's folder. From now on I'll just try re-using that feature when I add a rom to a platform's folder.

Since you both asked why I removed games from launchbox, it's because I wanted to do a clean import of my updated collection when i change it, and didn't think 'scan for added roms' would do that. Now that I know I can just re-do the import rom files process I'll try that next time, and won't have to delete things beforehand. 

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I tried the approach of adding more roms using the tools-> import approach, and I think it still created some duplicates.

For instance, I now see two copies of 'wonder boy' for genesis; one with region 'Japan' and one 'North America, Europe'. Looking at each more closely, one is actually combining 'brazil/japan', and the other, 'NorthAmerica Europe/ Brazil'. I think this happened because I added a brazil version, but I need to try and replicate to be sure.


Even still, maybe we could just have an option that scans selected games and combines them? That function seems to work really well during initial import, and I get one entry, labelled as the NorthAmerica region, but then it combines all other regions into that one. There is an option, 'consolidate roms', but it sounds like this will actually mess things up on the file system, which is not what I want (I have complete no-intro sets and I'd like to keep the files matching the datfiles). 


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7 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

using consolidate rom will not mess with your file system at all only effects LB

interesting; I'll backup my collection and give it a shot.


If it's not destructive maybe the messaging should be changed. Right now it says 'This process is permanent; it is recommended to create a backup of your collection before proceeding. Are you sure'. It sounds like it's changing files around to me anyways.

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