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anybody else have trouble with citra... i'm assuming it just because it's earlier along in the emulator's development.. but so far it's the only one that gives me trouble... if i can run ps2 and wii u without issues i figured a little handheld would be easier.. my system is a i7 3770,  8gb ram and 1050ti gpu...

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There are actually quite a bit of games that run great on Citra. Some may require a bit of tweaking but the list has grown quite a bit. They have a compatibility list on their site. The list will even show you what some of the testers used machine wise for a certain game and the Citra build used. 

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I do wish that more sites/wikis included settings more than just what builds people have. I remember back in the day there were sites that went though exactly what settings were used for each game, and I remember when N64 emulation was still in going on, the xbox version allowed people to use what was basically community Favorited settings that made it a one click option to run games with the best settings possible.... seems like that mindset is totally gone now. 

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