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  1. Ha, I hear this a lot in the PC community too. People say it's like smearing Vaseline on the screen... I honestly don't think it's that bad so I guess I will just use it. Unless there is a better alternative. I would take blurry over jaggies. Fair enough, I sort of assumed that would be the case.
  2. Hi @Zombeaver hope you are well? I have finally got everything working after some issues, Such an awesome thing to just click one button and have the game configured perfectly! Great job. I had a question on your choice of config for Yakuza. The aliasing is quite awful on this game, for example his gun at the start is literally just a jagged mess. Just wondering why you haven't selected FXAA? I turned it on and it seemed to fix it completely with no noticeable performance impact. This isn't a criticism, just wondering if it maybe impacts games in other ways I haven't seen yet? Also with the games that you have turned interlacing on, is that the only way to fix the horrible bobbing (example of this is Onimusha: Warlords) as I really don't like the look of interlacing, but the bobbing is sort of worse so I assume this is a compromise we have to make? Many thanks,
  3. That worked Thanks. I had a saved game for the game I have just configured using Zombeavers configs, is there a way to retrieve that? I had to completely reinstall PCSX2 and your plugin to get it working again, but i backed up the memory cards and pasted them back into the memory card folder in PCSX2. I know this is slightly off topic, but just wondering if you know?
  4. Hi, really odd issue I am having. I finally got this to work, but the box that says 'do you want to download the config' is tiny, and wherever I click (yes, no or the X to close) it just doesn't respond. I have to close it by right clicking in the taskbar and closing.. Any ideas? I am on a 4K TV.
  5. I am struggling too. I have followed the steps but my games aren't looking any different... The message I have copied below, is that supposed to come up when i press configure? I haven't seen it at all.
  6. Hi again, I have tried these and its all working, just doubled the numbers for my 4k screen and that worked, looks good! I want to add an overlay, but it now doesn't fit correctly because of the adjustments to the screen position. Are you able to help on how i fix it?
  7. That's something to consider, I might add ePSXe as a second emulator choice and try it out, but I will try and mess with shaders first. I am going to try your configs this weekend so see how well they work for me first of all
  8. I'll be honest, I have not played with the shaders at all so maybe I need to experiment with those to get the sort of look I want. I just found that when you increase the resolution you kind of get this instant 'clean' look and it gets rid of most of the aliasing and shimmering you get with old PS1 era games. Because I am playing on a large 43" screen, it really shows the age of these games unfortunately.
  9. Each to their own. You can easily get away with much lower specs, but I am a bit picky when it comes to frame-rates and graphics and really don't like to compromise! It's an expensive obsession I have been watching videos on the new Ryzen 2200G APU and they can run everything for like £90. Really cool bit of kit. The funny thing is, I don't game that much either due to being at work 12 hours a day Monday-Friday, yet I have a £3000 Gaming PC, PS4 Pro, Rasperry Pi 3 AND my new Emu Machine that I built haha.
  10. And that is exactly what they are used for! I have a main PC but wanted to build a dedicated Emu machine for Big Box Got the parts from eBay and built it from scratch as a fun little project. Already had the CPU, RAM and Mobo so it was quite easy. The only emulator i can see it struggling with is Cemu for Zelda Botw, but i play that on my i7 7700k/GTX 1080 so that doesn't bother me.
  11. I am surprised that you leave the resolution at 1x, I understand why for compatibility reasons but...Does it not look a bit ugly?
  12. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could recommend the 'best' settings to use in RetroArch for PS1 games. I am using the Beetle PSX HW core and I was hoping that it might be possible to get some advice on which settings are safe to tinker with? I do appreciate that different games may react differently to certain settings, but I am just looking for the options that are okay to change for all or most games? I have played with a few settings and although on some games they worked great and made the game look amazing, other games really didn't like them and caused crashes or visual glitches. System Specs are below to assist with any suggestions you might have; CPU : i5 3570k @ 3.5 Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Any help is much appreciated. N.B: These are my emu machine specs, so please don't laugh I have a main PC with much better specs, I promise!
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