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Show game wheel permanently


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Hey everyone: I'm currently running the unified theme and was playing around with some of my views today just doing some tweaking. I went to full screen videos with no box art and when i do the games list wheel fades out which is obviously standard and cool BUT is there anyway to keep that games list showing while the video for the game is playing in the background. I was looking in the settings and cant find one specifically to keep that wheel showing. 



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7 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

It's most likely something in one of the theme xml files and not in the Launchbox / BigBox settings.

well damn, that sucks... i would have NO idea how to edit that or where to look at in the xml to make that change... sucks because i really want full screen but i really want to keep my clear logos showing while the video is going just a look i really like 

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Dear @CriticalCid -

Since you created your unified theme my retro heart has melted in a way like no other theme creator could make it melt but, to complete my triforce i need you to conduct a mission this mission is one of the upmost importance...Given the noob that i am currently and having never edited a theme xml file in the past can you please elaborate on how to show the games list clear logo wheel permanently? I tried to follow the link that Kondorito showed above and I'm completely lost as to how to properly edit this XML file to maintain the current showing of the clear logo in a permanent state. Will you take on this mission? The full force of my LaunchBox rely on your powers and your unwavering commitment. 

May the forth be with you! 

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I went into each of the XML files that say "Games": Then I searched for "Fading" and went to the following section in each one. Once I got there I deleted the <!-- FADING GAME TITLE -->  for each section. But, after deleting everything under <!-- FADING GAME TITLE --> I looked for the "pointer" and "0:0.1.4" Section referenced in the article above and I can't specifically find that section required to change to make the wheel stay showing. Attached are the XML's that I have deleted out the <!-- FADING GAME TITLE --> sections from I just don't know how to find the parts inside the XML's you referenced above to make the change. I'm a total noob with regard to XML editing.







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I do like the Platform level fading i think that is super sexy but when i go to full screen video view in the games menu i would like the wheel to remain showing instead of fading out but only in that specific view if that makes sense... the other platforms where i have box art showing i would still like it to fade away... I hope im explaining it well

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