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setting up hdd for launchbox/retroarch


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3 hours ago, PowerCooker said:

well as i said before, my current 2tb hdd with launchbox i got from someone else and everything was already pre-installed.

You should contact who you got the hard drive from for support.

Also this is the exact reason no one should ever buy or get a pre done setup from anyone, you have no idea how any of it works and when it breaks you spend far more hours trying to figure it out than you would have if you had done it yourself.

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its worked fine for over two years without any issues. I do have a rough idea what I'm doing as i am 35 and have messed with emulators before. It's just mame changed how it works so i wanted to know if it's roms are in it's own folder in the mame emulator folder as standard.


also i tried contacting him a few weeks ago over a 4tb hdd he was selling. He was more interested in selling the last drive he had than actually helping anyone.

i know if i sold a pre-made drive i would help my customers. That being said I've been a member of eBay for over 15 years and the amount of scum on that web site that gets away with not paying for items or simply lying....yeah...i don't expect a lot from other sellers these days

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To be perfectly honest, it's rather insulting that you buy a pre-loaded drive from someone with Launchbox on it and then come looking to us for support.

Why should we support other peoples products ? Especially when they are known thieves and sell LB licenses without permission.

I will give you one hint / tip with Mame, mame.ini and rompath.

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because helping people is something a good and decent person is meant to do?

i dunno about yourself but i was raised with the mind-set of helping others when they ask for it.

i have the free version of launchbox (not paid version) so i fail to see the problem. If it wasn't for the person selling the drive i never would have even of heard of launchbox to even begin with.

so someone selling that got me interested in all this and now I'm wanting to learn it all for myself.

what's your problem with this exactly? I mean I'm asking adults (I'm assuming) for help and advice on what i assume is a friendly forum with people willing to help each other. I'm asking for advice on copying files from one drive to another so it might be a tad easier for myself to get to grips with everything. It's me trying to learn


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We help people here all the time but if you don't see why us having a problem helping troubleshooting (for free) other peoples illegal activities then I don't know what to tell you.

Try that with any other product or industry in the world and see how well that goes over.

Since you are asking about Mame specifically I will direct you to my Mame Tutorial, it should help you figure out what you need to do.


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ok guys i ran into a rather serious problem and wanted to confirm something.

The 2tb wd hdd drive came. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and in an anti-static bag. 

I installed the hdd in my pc, switched on pc, hdd hummed and span like f-ing crazy! My pc wouldn't boot, went into bios, saw 1tb and 2tb, told windows to boot from 1tb, saved and quit. Pc restarted and wouldn't boot into windows, just hanged on the mb start up menu. The 2tb hdd was humming like mental.

Turned pc off, removed drive, turned back on, everything loaded normally.....soo....i took 2tb hdd and installed it in my Qdrive (external case) connected up to my tablet, switched case on, hdd hummed like crazy again and didn't show up at all on the desktop.

I google searched and it says only PINK bubble wrap is anti-static? Has the seller of the drive accidentally killed it when sending it to me?

In the past i have had another 1tb hdd installed in my pc as i used acronis to clone my hdd to a new drive and i didn't have that problem before. I connected it up from the DVD cables (sata and psu) and pc booted up fine and i was able to clone in. This 2tb drive however spins like crazy and won't let my pc even boot into windows.

So is the drive actually damaged considering it was covered in bubble wrap?



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i can only see the drive if i go into bios but like i mentioned before the drives just spinning like nuts. The drive itself is meant to be new but already have been formatted.

Even if it wasn't the drive still shouldn't sound like i put x6 vibrators together (its a bad example i know but that's the only way i can think of explaining it) and its the first drive I've ever had that's done this loud humming noise.

the drives meant to have been formatted already but even if it wasn't the drive still shouldn't be acting this way should it?


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It depends where you have it in your PC, if its just in there with screws it could be vibrating the whole case. Generally HDD's should be on little rubber dampers to minimize vibration. As for it already being formatted that doesnt really matter, you may still need to tell windows to activate and use it in disk management. If it really is vibrating that much and making that much noise though then unfortunately you may of been scammed with a broken drive.

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