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Is launchbox still doing streams.


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6 hours ago, kerszr said:

Those dev streams were awesome. It really brought the community together I think. Does he still do it? When? (I miss Jason's bright and shiny face).

Didn't anyone tell you, until @Jason Carr gets launchbox.next done we've hired a trained monkey with a whip and an unlimited supply of redbull to keep him working 24/7, we even took away those pesky things like food, bathroom breaks, and sleeping so he doesn't have to worry about distractions. Granted by the time he's done with the full .next update his fingers will be nothing but bones, but there are still rumors of a new He-man live action movie, so we'll just count it as helping him prepare to audition for the skeletor role. Then maybe he can get back to doing other things like live streams, showering, you know those luxuries in life.


PS: I have no idea who the "We' is in any of this and I totally just pulled this whole thing out of my ass, but with how hard he's been working on the next update I thought this might give Jason a laugh if he sees it.


PSS: okay Jason you saw it, now he back to work before the monkey strikes, he gets paid a banana chip per whipping. :P BTW awesome work on the .next updates so far

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