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2 player arcade controls help needed


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Needing help with Launchbox/Bigbox arcade controls. Can do everything fine with player 1 controls hooked up alone. The issue is when i hookup my usb for the player 2 set it either takes over as player 1 or player 1 set works fine as usual then player 2 set is unresponsive. I'm missing something and am unable to get both working as should at the same time. PLEASE HELP

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Hi Mate,

What emulator are you testing on?

1. Can you get joystick to configure in windows joystick setup in control panel? To get there in windows 7.. click start menu and type "joystick"

2. From there get the second joystick to work in the windows joystick control panel. Both joysticks need to work separately from there.

When you can get both joysticks working individually at the same time then you should be good to go.

I have 4players working. I always test in windows first. Then mame because it has 4 player games to test on. Mine are xinmo arcade joysticks. They are DIRECT INPUT. A gamepad can either be Direct input or Xinput. Xbox 360 controller in Xinput. 


let us know how you go



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Thanks for replying. I have multiple emulators and as long as I only use a 1 player setup the controls all work as they should. The problem is when I connect the usb for the 2nd player, the 2p set takes over and the 1p set is unresponsive and will not work. I’ll check in control panel and see what I can find.

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On 29/3/2019 at 18:41, eddie856 said:

Grazie per la risposta. Ho più emulatori e fintanto che utilizzo solo una configurazione a 1 giocatore, i controlli funzionano tutti come dovrebbero. Il problema è che quando collego l'USB per il 2° lettore, il set da 2p prende il sopravvento e il set da 1p non risponde e non funzionerà. Controllerò nel pannello di controllo e vedrò cosa riesco a trovare.

Hello, have you find a solution for this problem then? Thanks. 

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