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Did anyone get the exit script for Phoenix to work? I tried what was suggested and it didn't work for me either.

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I tried this for both "Exit AutoHotkey Script" and "Running AutoHotkey Script" and neither works for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's well known that the emulator Phoenix doesn't take command line options so it's integration with Launchbox it's quite difficult, I've read there's a RocketLauncher module that does that but I

Hi Everyone, sorry for my absence here,had many problems lately and didn't had time to check the forum, as soon as I can I'll check the script and try to find out why sometimes it doesn'n work, and @W

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On 11/25/2020 at 1:59 PM, Ackling17 said:

I followed all the steps, it launches but a message comes up saying "you must select a CARTRIDGE".  Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

it’s been a while but i believe you have to load all the cartridges first into phoenix.  after that it should work

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Hello, it worked for me, thank you very much, but I have a query, how do I make the games in launchbox run with the emulator but not in full screen ??? I want them to start but directly from the emulator interface.

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