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Games that make you angry

Mr. RetroLust

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So I waited for a long time to buy the Crash Bandicoot trilogy on ps4 till it dropped in price. I had some very fond memories to these games and recall being pretty good at em as well... Now in the present day I find myself cursing to the screen, being frustrated and angry because of the difficulty. Damn am I pissed off lol, I guess i'm just getting old and impatient, but damn I was one of those that beat Fester's Quest 4 times without any cheats *raises fist in the air*

Which games make you pissed off? :D

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Many games make me angry for a lot of different reasons. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy is indeed frustrating; I could tell it was going to be a long ride from the enhanced difficulty of Papu Papu, the first boss. Vintage Sierra games piss me off with their random copy protection questions from the paper instruction manual. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for being an unskippable slideshow with censored sideboob. And modern PC games for having so many keys/controls. But I'm old. The milennials are truly gifted gamers ;)

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