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file like virus ?


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It's certainly odd for an XML file to be detected as a virus. I've never seen that before. I suppose it's possible that something else on your system is infecting XML files, or something weird like that. Most likely though, it's some kind of a false positive, but it's hard to say without more information.

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ok , i have feedback for you 

With Windows by default we can use the physical POWER button to shutdown the system. If we use launchbox, and we touch the Windows shutdown key (physical key), all XML files in the "DATA" folder can become corrupted because they are not saved before the shutdown. In fact this did not happen in the past, I do not know what has changed with the latest version of Launchbox. So the shutdown of our bartop must necessarily take place from the SHUTDOWN function found in the BigBox menu, or, in the case in which we use Launchbox desktop, we must first close the application with the specific key and then turn off the PC.


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That is how any application works. There is a very specific reason you are instructed to almost never use your power button to shut down the computer. You can cause far more issues than a few corrupted Launchbox XML files. Most of the time the XMLs ARE saved during run time but application close also does some clean up processes. If you hard booted your computer during either then yes it WILL screw things up and corrupt your files. There is literally nothing we can do to prevent that.

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