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New M3U generation doesn't appear to be working.


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  • Tested using Mednafen PSX HW core.
  • M3U support is ticked on the Core.
  • Have two CHD files: Parasite Eve (Disc 1) and Parasite Eve (Disc 2)
  • LaunchBox detects them as multiple discs as it only imports one Game and has Disc 1 and Disc 2 as additional Applications.
  • I've tried enabling the option on the Core with the game already imported into LB but I've also deleted it and re-imported it.
  • It's just runs RetroArch with Disc 1 and the second disc isn't available.
  • Tested RA with a manually created M3U for the same game and it works fine.
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There doesn't seem to be any documentation on how this is supposed to work or if any special steps beyond "Tick M3u Support in associated platforms".

  • I deleted a game entry from launchbox, Chrono Cross, and went to import roms / import files and scanned my Chrono Cross folder for "cue". It found both cues (for disk 1 and 2), and so I imported like normal. Imported disc 2 as additional app. No m3u either in the folder with the cues and bins, or in launchbox/games.
  • I tried again turning "combine matching games with a single title" off thinking that might have messed it up. It imported both discs (as expected), but generated no m3u.

This was all with my roms on an external so I:

  • Switched to my smaller build, and put the bins and cues in launchbox/games folder and repeated the above.

Still no joy. 

  • Then I realized I was using the psx hardware core, thought maybe that one wasn't in the support list... changed to the regular beetle psx core. No change.


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@neil9000and I were talking about this the other night with @C-Beatsand from what he told us it seems that it doesn't create a permanent m3u file that you will be able to locate in your folder structure but when you launch one of those games it will create one in the temp folder that will be deleted when you exit the game. While the description of the new feature doesn't really explain this in depth it is still pretty much doing the same thing just needs to be reworded slightly to explain better to the users what is actually going on with it.

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To be honest, I gathered it only created a temp m3u file. This is fine with me. The problem is, it's not working for me or @fromlostdays either way.

I've done all the steps I described which seem to essentially the same as fromlostdays but it's simply not loading the game into RA with an m3u, temp or otherwise.

I'm not sure what else can be done. It's imported correctly into LB, with multiple additional apps and m3u ticked on the core.

I'm not massively concerned as I don't have a lot of multi-disc games (my games are currated) but it does point to the fact that LB's features are becoming so broad now (a good thing!) that a wiki of some sort is looking necessary.


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5 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

well I see your issue right there I don't think it works with chd currently or at least I think I remember that being mentioned.


2 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

No now that I think of it that is what @neil9000thought until we were told it was being done in the temp folder so I'm not sure now maybe Neil can confirm



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Hey all. There is an issue with M3U file creating in the current public build (10.10). Currently it doesn't properly build the M3U with games/apps that use relative LaunchBox paths. It also randomizes the M3U name which we discovered causes issues with recovering save files when using RA.

10.11-beta 2 corrects both of these issues, which I'm sure is what you all are running into.

Just so everyone is clear the functionality works as follows (as of 10.11-beta2):

User presses play on a game.
LaunchBox checks if the emulator supports M3U files. If box is checked continue, if not play the game as is.
LaunchBox checks if the game has any additional apps, If there is some continue, if not play the game as is.
LaunchBox checks that the game/app launched matches an app with a disc number. If it does, create a M3U file. If not play the game as is.
LaunchBox checks for any other additional applications that have a disc number associated and adds them to the M3U file.
Launchbox then saves the created M3U file in the temp folder as the games GUID (found in that platforms XAML). This GUID doesn't change and is different per platform to eliminate issues with saves conflicting in RA.
Launchbox then passes that M3U to the emulator.

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