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Importing multiple tracks/ cue files - PS1 - Android

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I have a bunch of PS1 games that are split into tracks and come with 1 .cue file (each game has their own folder).  How do I get Launchbox to just import the .cue file?  I am using ePSXe for emulation, which when going thru the ePSXe app and load the .cue file it plays perfectly.  Yet when importing the games with Launchbox wants to import the .bin files as well for each track, which won't launch the game.  I do however notice on some games Launchbox just adds the .cue file and they work perfect, just don't know why it imports just the .cue on some but not others.

Just having a little bit of trouble getting games with multiple tracks to work.


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1 open file explorer and navigate to where you keep your PS1 games.
2 type *cue into the windows search bar.
3 click on a game then press control+a to highlight all games.
4 drag all the highlighted files on to LB where it will start the import wizard.

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oh my bad I missed that part I don't have a clue how you would do it on Android.

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That's ok, thanks though.  I mean there is a LONG work around but idk if I really wanna take the time in doing it.

Clear the platform

Plug Hard Drive into PC

Only transfer the game folder with the .cue files

Plug the hard drive back into the Nvidia Shield

Start Launchbox, add games into platform which now it will only have the .cue files

Once platform is created, plug hard drive back into the PC and transfer all the .bin files over.


That's the only way I can think of.  I do notice if I do a long press on the game, it will allow me to view "Additional Versions" then I can see all the tracks and select the .cue file and the game boots right up.  Only bad thing is that it does not save my preference to always open the .cue file as a preferred selection.

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