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This will bulk import Wii U .rpx files into LB.

Requirements - At least 1 game already imported into Nintendo Wii U platform.

Note - this modifies your Nintendo Wii U xml file so as always make a backup before using. "Launchbox\Data\Platforms\Nintendo Wii U.xml"


How to use: 

Download this: WiiUGameImporter.zip

Right click on .zip, properties, unblock.

Put the "WiiUGameImporter" folder into Launchbox/Plugin folder.

Start LB, go to tools, import wii u games.

Click browse, point the dialog box to your wii u roms folder and click import.


If any games are stored within cemu's mlc01 folder, move them to a different location.

Cemu's mlc01 folder holds game updates, this importer blocks any rpx files being imported from mlc01 so not to import updates.


The way the importer works is..

1. It searches for the  "Game/Meta/meta.xml" file. If it finds meta.xml it will import:

.rpx path.



US and Europe regions.

US esrb age rating.


2. If meta.xml doesnt exist. The plugin will find the title id from "Game/code/app.xml" and compare it to a database file thats included with the plugin. It will import:

.rpx path.




If neither of these xml files are found the game will not be imported. A txt file will be created in the plugin directory with the path(s) of games that didnt import.

When import is complete use LB bulk editor to change associated emulator.

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That zip is no longer there, anyway to get it as i am having same issue and was trying to find a way to import but for some reason i cant download the zip file.


EDIT: nvm..didnt realize i need a account to download lmao...

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Should you typically update  the games and DLCs via Cemu first before importing rpx files into Launchbox or is that really pointless since the update is contained in Cemu itself?

The importer above skips the mlc01  folder, but if I updated all of my games should I be importing stuff from the mlc01  folder?  Looking for some clarity how UPDATES/DLCs are handled if we import games that were not updated.




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Wow, this is awesome! Saved me a ton of time last night, thank you ?




I found 1/2 to 3/4 of the games added were unable to be found by the launchbox metadata search until I stripped out the copyright or trademark etc. chars. I also found a lot in the XML that had a carriage return or line feed? which had the same impact.

If this stripped non standard special characters from the name (but not path since they dump that way) then games would import to LB much cleaner as well.

I was able to edit each of those entry by hand and then find results.


This is the plugin I didn't know I needed though. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Paultimate said:

The entire point is to import my cemu library, and this thing literally skips the mlc01 dir? 


Because that folder holds DLC and updates that are not rom files and will not work on there own, sounds like a good idea to skip it to me.

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Thank you for this, seems like this is the go-to method for importing Wii U games without having to modify the .rpx filenames. Still takes a bit of work, but at least there aren't that many games for the Wii U. My process went as follows:

1. Import at least 1 game for Nintendo Wii U into LaunchBox.
2. Edit game folder names so that they don't include special characters such as ® and ©. I kept a list of the original folder names in a separate text file.
3. Import the games into LaunchBox using the plugin. Make sure the number of games imported matches up with the number of game folders you have.
4. There are a few games with multiple .rpx files, for me these were "Skylanders SuperChargers" and "SpongeBob SquarePants Plankton’s Robotic Revenge". Remove the duplicates from LaunchBox.
5. Change the default emulator for all games to Cemu.
6. Since the plugin doesn't import Japan and All regions, create a playlist and filter for Wii U Japan games, then bulk edit all games and add Japan as region. Do the same for games with the region All.
7. Remove the initial game that was imported before the plugin, then re-import it using the plugin. Or just manually edit the metadata so that it's consistent with the other games.
8. Select all games and fetch media artwork.
9. Rename any changed folder names back to their original folder names.
10. Exit LaunchBox. Edit "LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Nintendo Wii U.xml" and change folder names in paths to their original folder names.

Note: DO NOT consolidate games, since not every game will be consolidated due to the awful naming scheme and result in a messy collection. This is the only downside to Wii U games, so you're going to end up with duplicate games and artwork for each region.

EDIT: Just a heads up before anyone spends time trying to import .rpx into LaunchBox. Seems there is a new format called .wua which is better than .rpx and combines everything into one file, which would make importing a lot easier. However, this Cemu release (v1.27.0b) is only experimental and has a bug which doesn't detect paths with special characters (ie. Super Smash Bros. or all the DLC/Update folders which have a dot in their names). So until this gets fixed there isn't an easy way to convert to .wua.

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I was using this plugin initially, but made some re-organization of my library recently and basically no longer need it. I simply replaced all my Wii U games from the Extracted/Loadiine format to the WUX (Wii U Compressed Image Dump Archive). For a little few small/homebrew games I couldn't find wux, I've archived them in 7z and setup LB to extract first before opening. This change makes each game to be a single file (easier maintenance and backup) and therefore the single file could be properly named to the name game, so LB can import them all successfully.

P.S. Now I only wish rpcs3 would add support for ISO files instead of extracted format. PS Vita is nightmare to maintain as well.


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