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How to Setup Pinball FX3 (Microsoft Store Purchase)

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54 minutes ago, MarkyMarkMarkMark said:

Hi and thanks for the post but this is for a Steam purchase which I already read. My purchase is from Microsoft store, as per my post title . I don't have Steam. 

It's pretty much the same process and in my post in the linked thread I mentioned it. There are several others in the thread that mention it as well which is why I linked it.

Add the PinballFX3.exe as your emulator and in the Associated platforms tab add the name of the platform you added Pinball FX3 games to in LaunchBox. For the game files you want to Import the .pxp table. Not sure what folder that is located in. But all the pinball table pxp files will be located in the same folder.

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Hi Retro808

I understand your replies but my problem appears to be that because I have bought and installed Pinball FX3 from the Microsoft Store App in Windows 10, it has self installed somewhere which I cannot find so therefore cannot find the .EXE file to put in LaunchBox. I've searched drive C and found some .PXP files in 'C:\Users\Arcade\AppData\Local\Packages\ZenStudios.24185CFAC4A6_sqz2yzgfp6bz4\LocalState\LocalData' but there's no .EXE anywhere in there (maybe these are just installer packages).


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Click start and type run and hit enter, type this into the box and hit enter.

image.thumb.png.b37b17485858ff45202172752db15395.pngIt will open this window.

image.thumb.png.dacc3f385fb6c4aeaf347729aaed5b6a.pngFind your game, right click it and choose "create shortcut" it will say it cant create one here and will ask to put it on the desktop, say yes. you can then move that shortcut anywhere you want, as well as import it to Launchbox.

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1 minute ago, MarkyMarkMarkMark said:

Thanks neil9000! I didn't think of running the system generated shortcut 🙂

Yeah, i do it for all my XBOX GamePass games so i can import them to Launchbox, as they obviously use the Windows store as well.


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  • 11 months later...

Is there anyone out there who has actually successfully imported individual tables with FX3 purchased through the Microsoft Store (not Steam)?  I flawlessly imported FX3 after I installed it from the Microsoft Store, but when I did this Launchbox sees it as a Windows game, and all I can do is launch the game and navigate from there.  The tips above act like the .exe file is accessible and simple to find.  Windows hides FX3 in a hidden directory WinApps, but it won't let me open it despite what permissions I may grant myself.  So entering it into the emulator creator won't work.

Here's where it is:


And here's what happens when I try to open it:


Has someone actually gotten the launch-individual-tables to work for FX3 purchased through Microsoft?  If so how did you accomplish this?




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Not sure it's possible with the Windows Store version. Last I knew you have to have a cabinet code from Zen Studios to launch directly into a table, and they only give out codes for the Steam version (or at least according to their website).

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