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Need feedback on custom fanart boxes.


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So, the completionist in me got the best of my good judgement and set me on a path creating custom fanart boxes for all the games in my collection.

I'm not sure if it's worth it - I've barely covered # and A. Started working on B and afraid I'll burn out. 

I've included a few samples. What do you guys think of these? It's ok to be honest. Some are rushed. Should I go on?

Before the Dark Crystal 2.png



Abduction! World Attack.png


Asteroids Plus.png


Beetle Bug 2.png

Air Raid.png



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I like this, I make similar for myself but my approach is way sloppier than yours. Whats the hardest part for you? For me it is the games that have no media because I really like there to be a disc, 3d cover, 2d cover, gameplay screenshot,title screen, and clear logo. I actually keep 3 2d covers for each, the normal one that exists (stored in box art) a cover that identifies the system (stored in reconstructed) and one with just art and the name of the game (stored in fan art cover). Actually now that I think about it.... clear logos are the biggest pain. Pain.net and plugins really help ALOT. Add in bezels and videos (I prefer trailer or commercials) and it really seems like I will never make any progress past # and A just as yourself. Really nice work, I am very impressed, looks like you can get through stuff kinda fast too.

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