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Display game specific controls image on a separate monitor during gameplay (plugin - beta release)

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What:  By default, this shows the game specific controls image (if one exist) on a 3rd** monitor when you launch and are playing a game.  This works in both LaunchBox and BigBox.

The image it looks for is the one you set for the specific game as “Arcade - Controls Information”. mk.thumb.png.6150d0dfec0f25f00bf749a48561cc61.png

(As opposed to “Arcade - Control Panel “, “Box – Front”, “Screenshot - Game Title” etc.)  Any game for any Platform can have an associated “Arcade - Controls Information” image.

If the specific game doesn’t have an “Arcade - Controls Information” image associated with it, the plugin will then search for the Platforms “Device” image file located in:




If neither of those are found, nothing will be shown.

**You can change which monitor the image is displayed on by renaming “3.mon” (included in the download) to the number of the monitor you want the image to appear on.  i.e. “4.mon”, “2.mon” or even “1.mon”.   (I thing you might be able to rename this to test on a different display without having to exit/restart LaunchBox.)

Why:   This was created as a just-because, proof-of-concept type of thing.  The problem I have is that I don’t have 3 monitors to test this on. Though I can attest that it does work with 2 monitors.  (Rename “3.mon” to “2.mon”)  I don’t really plan to add a 3rd monitor to my personal setup and like many of the other plugins I created, I probably won’t use it. Lol  But, like all of the other plugins, it was a lot of fun creating.  And it seems to work.  But still debating how practical it actually is. ;)  

Help wanted:   That said, if someone, anyone (or even many) could try this and provide some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.  Mainly looking to find out if it does actually display correctly on a 3rd (4th? [that’d be cool]) monitor.  But any and all feedback is appreciated.

How:   Oh ya…  installing…

  • Download the zip file   DisplayControls
  • Unblock it
  • Extract the contents to your   ../LaunchBox/Plugins/   folder
    • Rename “3.mon” as necessary.
  • Start LaunchBox and play a game.


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