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Game preview video music won't stop playing


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I recently updated to the latest version of launchbox and while in big box now when I select a game the video preview for said games music won't stop playing on loop. The only way to stop it is not just back out the game but to back out of big box completely so atm it's completely unplayable as in game I hear the gameplay sounds but also the video preview sounds on loop. 

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I get this too in LaunchBox - had it before, but not for a long time. It came back with an update, I guess. Got it some betas ago, I am now on LB 12.7-5.

... when I browse or play in LB the other viewed preview videos sound keep looping, and it wont even stop before 5 seconds after LB is closed, it keeps looping, 5 seconds when viewing just Windows Desktop.

That’s a weird bug.

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Now I tried and it didn't do it.

I must have seen that at least 10-20 times today, but can't remember which games that did it.

I have now updated LB to 12.7-6 and if it still does that thing, I'll note what game, and try too replicate 🙂

Now I did it, still hard to replicate, don’t know what triggers it…

EDIT: it is happening again 🤓

Was reading (in LB listview Arcade Platform) what the new achivements in Asteroids (rev4) was, the video played the 2 minutes I was reading, then I pressed RetroScore and closed Retroscore again. Then I browsed to Amidar and the Asteroids music looped, and continued on top of amidar video, till 5 secs after I closed LB - and I did a fumble, did not press record on my phone 😧 

2nd EDIT: I replicated it, like above, I now have half a .mov video at 50 mb, but only showing the error, not the start. Is it worth an upload? Can you replicate? I used my iphone for recording. Will OBS studios be better at recording this?

Trying to replicate again… sometimes it does sometimes not, I went from reading astrroids info pressing one of the achivements and was directed to webpage. When I returned after a minute and browsed to amidar, it looped again.

maybe it dependsnon when I do other stuff or what, and when I browse on?

By waiting / reading A minute I also got asteroids looping sound into its own mamegame, so soundloop in same game as real sound.

I also can make the wrong loop when editing metadata. I do that a lot, and that might be why I see this error a lot?

it seems I have to do “stuff” while the video is running and then the wrong loop starts afterwards?

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I'm haveing this same issue. With Ransome games in mame arcade section. Does seem to happen when video preview is on when you highlight a game then go to edit. Sometimes 2 games sounds playing in background. Only way I get it to stop is to shut down LB and restart. But I hear they are working on a fix for this. Hopefully an update soon. Betas first. 

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On 1/25/2022 at 10:02 AM, C-Beats said:

Just so I'm clear are you all seeing this in LaunchBox or Big Box?
What video playback engine are you using? VLC or Windows Media Player?
If this is in LaunchBox, do you have auto-play videos turned on or off? (Found in view menu)

Hi yes I'm haveing this ashame issue. It's in LB and yes video preview is on. Happenes when going in and out of edit game. 

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