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Dark Bounce

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This theme uses a dark rock wall background with blue-ish white shadows. This one works great on larger gaming rigs and folks that have their gaming media stored on a NAS. The video below was made on my main rig with 22,000+ games and all the media and roms being stored on NAS using mapped drives, Launchbox was installed on mechanical HDD.

The video does much better showing the theme than the screenshots. (the bouncing and the slides)

I used my custom icons for genres, play modes, number of players, custom controllers, etc..

I designed this one mainly for Large Screens and TVs (16:9), but this time I created it in Stretch Mode in CTC. This is the first theme I have tried using the Stretch mode, so if you run into strange looking issues let me know, preferably with screenshots, I am not sure how to properly test the other screen ratios yet, but from I was able to do, the theme was looking decent on the different views in CTC.

This time I put a more focus on the Arcade (MAME) platform, using game specific Arcade Cabinets and the Arcade Controls (looks will depend on your artwork) as well as play modes specific to the Arcade platform. (the ones like 2-Player Alternating or 2-Player Simultaneous) if you use them.

My custom Genre Icons have grown to over 300+ now (includes the PS template to make more if you need them) and I have over 100 controller images in this theme.

The Platform audio I used was a male voice. I increased the volume a bit and added some reverb.

Video (wall views in video are showing original version, version 2 is different-see changelog below):


Download, unzip, copy the folder "Dark Bounce" into your Launchbox "Themes" folder.
The Windows Media Player in Bigbox will work best with this theme

You can also set the theme up to show if the game can be played in Virtual Reality, Online, PvP, etc. if you want. Artwork is included and already in place. Instructions for setting up the 4-5 custom fields can be found on my "Game On" theme page. (https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/3256-game-on/). It's pretty simple.

Thanks goes out to @y2guru, @faeran for there awesome contributions to CTC/LB/BB work and videos. Also @viking for his great stuff as well as @RetroNi. Some of the logos and videos used from their contributions. And of course anyone else I may have un-intendedly forgot to mention.

Leave comments and suggestions and I'll see what I can do. Spring is here, so gonna be slowing down with this stuff. If I can keep away from it :ph34r:

-Enjoy & thanks for trying the theme!


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