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MAJOR OVERHAUL (version 2 requires BB v12.7.4 or higher)

User friendly with "easy to see" custom genre & play mode icons. Designed for Large Screens & 4K in mind. Animated and color changing backgrounds.

The gamers in the background are actually moving, looking like they are playing games. I tried to use some video effects to make it look like the ambient room light is changing, kinda like a TV does in real life. The Wall View is my favorite with the multiple info panels that slide into the screen.

I carried over some of my genre icon artwork I made for Fading Elegance v1+. This time I used a male voice for platform names I created with Amazon Polly, so they sound pretty decent.

I really love this theme on a big screen TV!

The screenshots can't show how it functions, so check out the video.

Now has 6 added views, easy to use the extra stuff and has the badges included now.

UPDATED (02-13)

Download the theme and tell me what ya think! This video is NOT using any extra Platform Videos

Download, unzip, copy the folder "Game On v1" into your Launchbox "Themes" folder (I didn't change it to Game On v2 folder, so you can just delete and copy updated theme into it's place)

Instructions to use Split Screen, PvP, LAN and Online Play Icon features: (not required)
To get these to work in the theme is really pretty easy.

Create the 4 Custom Fields below in Launchbox, just edit any single game in your collection and pick Custom Fields on the left panel. Copy-n-paste one of the 4 custom fields below and press <ENTER>. Then enter Yes in the value section press <ENTER>. Copy-n-paste the other 3 Custom Fields and do the same. Then press OK


Now the fields should be ready and Yes is now a choice in Bulk Edit. Close Launchbox and re-open just to be safe. Then you can go back to the game you used to set up the custom fields and delete the Yes's if you need to. You can leave the field blank for NO so no need to worry any of them but the ones that apply, they will need to be YES.

What I did, was to sort my collection different ways like genre or playmode. I had a genre set up for MMO, so I bulk edited all the games in that category, first I chose Play Mode, making sure they all had multiplayer added as a value. Then I said yes to make more changes, and then chose the newly created Custom Field: Online Play and just select Yes in the dropdown to add value. The theme will now display the animated globe for all those games in the views that use it.

Do that for the other 5 Custom fields using similar sorts. Of course any game can be edited manually as well. 

The custom fields you can add:
Split Screen

*Controller Mapping:
The only thing that needs changed is Button 3 (that's the "X" button on Xbox controller or square button on DS4 controller). It is set to "Play" by default, so if you use this, you will need to assign a different button to it. Now assign Button 3 to "Filter". That's it.

If you get a blank area in the one of the Genre images (like where the Yellow arrow is pointing in the screenshot below), it just means that game is using a genre that I did not create a icon for.

If you have Photoshop,  you can use the simple template I included in the ..\LaunchBox\Themes\Game On v1\Media\Genres folder to create anything you need. Just open the template, drop a image in the template (re-size to taste), change the text and save. If you don't have PS, let me know and I can try to get ya fixed up.



Big Thanks to @y2guru for moving forward with the Community Theme Creator and the changes he shared with us with v2.3. Without him, this wouldn't exist. And thanks to @faeran for all his troubleshooting help as well. And lets not forget @Jason Carr and the rest of the LB team and especially the server changes!

-Enjoy & thanks for trying the theme! :D

Edited by The Papaw
Added info about missing genres

What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


Major Overhaul - Lots of Changes - (now requires BB v12.7.4 or higher)

Much Improved Speeds

Added Badges
Removed old VR and Broken items and replaced them with Badges. (Just add a new controller to all your VR games and select 3D Glasses (VR)

Changed wheel size in all the views and added color changing background with custom black logos

Now includes 4 Wheelviews & 4 Wallviews


  • Wheelview-1 - ambient lighting in the background with male gamer on the left in the background
  • Wheelview-2 - ambient lighting in the background with female gamer on the left in the background
  • Wheelview-3 - no ambient lighting in the background with male gamer on the left in the background
  • Wheelview-4 - no ambient lighting in the background with female gamer on the left in the background
  • Added temporary splash screen overlay on Game Videos with badges for "Game Completed", "Broken", "Missing Video" and "Not Installed"

Wife said the coffee table needed a doily so Wheelviews got new things added to the coffee table, including Boxart, Disc/Cartridge, remote, cell phone, etc. (the ugly ole Vase is gone).


  • Wallview-1 - Slide-Ins from the right
  • Wallview-2 - Slide-Ins from the left
  • Wallview-3 - Slide-Ins from the right with moving liquid background
  • Wallview-4 - Slide-Ins from the left with moving liquid background
  • Added temporary splash screen overlay on Game Videos with badges for "Game Completed", "Broken", "Missing Video" and "Not Installed"

Much faster slide-ins

Fixed or added Audio Files

  • Apple II GS
  • Atari 800
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari 7800
  • Atari XE Video Game System

System View

  • Changed wheel text to make it more readable
  • Illusion added


  • Other minor cosmetic changes like text sizes, colors, etc.
  • Added a few more genres
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