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LaunchBox Multi Monitor and BigBox +3rd monitor plugin

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LaunchBox Multi Monitor and BigBox +3rd monitor plugin

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LaunchBox Multi Monitor and BigBox +3rd monitor plugin


This plugin adds support for 2nd (and 3rd) monitors in LaunchBox to display images while navigating your game collection.

With BigBox, you already have use of a 2nd display (marquee monitor) for displaying images.  For those who have a pinball-cab (or a fancy desktop setup) with 3 displays, this plugin will allow you display an image on the 3rd monitor while navigating BigBox.


Some details:

-  In BigBox, the image displayed changes based on the Platform, Platform Category, Playlist or game you are viewing.
-  LaunchBox will only show images for the selected game. (see Other Notes: below)
-  When a game is launched, the image(s) disappear and then reappear after exiting the game. 
        The exception is Steam games that are launched via "steam://rungameid/xxxxxx". Their images will not reappear.
-  To make this work in BigBox, Theme View files need to be modified.  You can modify them yourself (instructions below) or let the plugin do it for you.
-  No changes need to be made for this work in LaunchBox.



  • Why would I want to display an image on a 3rd monitor?
    • Because you can.
  • What image would I put on a 3rd monitor?
    • That's entirely up to you.  You can choose from pretty much any image type in your collection.
  • Can it display a video on the 3rd (or 2nd-or-3rd in LB) monitor? 
    • No.
  • Can it show a pdf file on the extra monitor? 
    • No.
  • Can it display 3D models for boxes? 
    • No.




  • Download the plugin zip file.
  • Right-click the zip file, select Properties and check Unblock (if present). Click OK.


  • (With LaunchBox/BigBox not running,) Open the zip file and extract the included folder into your /LaunchBox/Plugins/ folder.



Setting up:


Start LaunchBox.

Click Tools, MultiMonitor Setup



Monitor Configuration:

  • Select which monitor # you want the images displayed on from the pull-down list.
  • Click "Check Displays" to confirm which monitor corresponds with which monitor number.
  • Toggle on or off to see images on the respective monitors.


Image Selection:

  • Select the image type you want displayed based on which View you're in.
    • Game View Notes:
      • BigBox 3rd Monitor and LaunchBox 2nd Monitor use the "Game View (BB 3rd/LB 2nd)" image.
      • LaunchBox 3rd monitor uses the "Game View (LB 3rd monitor)" image.
      • The image selection "*Game Controls" looks for game-specific images in your "/Images/platform_name/Arcade - Controls Information/" folder.
  • Click Save after you're done making changes.


BigBox Theme Setup:

**  (Optional) Backup of your Theme "Views" folder before continuing.  However, the plugin will back up the affected Views files regardless.

On the MultiMonitor Setup screen, click Setup Themes.



  • Select the Theme on the left you'll be using and click Add Theme.
    • Though listed, "Default" cannot and will not get modified.
    • The affected Theme/Views/ files will be backed up prior to being modified.
    • The Theme will now appear on the right side under Themes Setup.
  • Repeat to setup other Themes.

To restore a Theme that has been modified, select it on the right side and click Restore Theme.

Click Exit.



Modifying the Views files yourself (optional):


To cover all possible views, there are 20 root Views that need modifying.



Only 2 lines need to be added:

At the top, add the assembly


3rd line up from the bottom, insert


Depending on the View, it will look like:





If you have subfolders in your /Views/ folder (similar to the Default theme that has /WallGamesView/, /Wall2GamesView/, /Wall4GamesView/), all the files in those need to be modified as well.



Other Notes:


The startup Platform/Category/Playlist image will display at startup only (on your selected 2nd monitor).
       After that, only the selected game image(s) will be displayed.
When changing Platform (etc.), the last selected game image(s) still shows.


Changes to image selections etc. can only be made in LaunchBox through Tools, MultiMonitor Setup.


If after making changes in MultiMonitor Setup (AND clicking Save) images aren't displaying or there's some other plugin issue, try restarting LaunchBox.


This has only been tested on a 2-monitor setup. Neither of which were marquee monitors.    So.....  Good luck!  :D


As always, comments, suggestions and requests are welcomed and encouraged.


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