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Where are the small category icons located?


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Thanks all for helping out the noobs like me. Most things in LB are blissfully intuitive (unlike HS, where I come from), but adding icons for platform categories has me stumped.  Specifically, where the icons are stored on the screenshot below for "platform category".  As you can see, I'm missing ones for Genre and Pinball (and its subfolders). 


I'd have thought that I could put them in Launchbox/Images/Platform Categories (which I did) and then right click the platform category to which I want to add the image, like I've shown in the screenshot below.  But that shows I already have a bunch of icons in there, including ones for the Clear Logo type, but they don't show up as shown in the first screen shot.  I suspect maybe this has something to do with the Theme?  But I'm using the default theme, so I'm just confused how to add the Platform Category icons.  Help!


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14 hours ago, Retro808 said:

\LaunchBox\Images\Platform Icons

Thanks, Retro 808!  Your screen name is great; Roland put out some great products in the 80's.  I play keys in a classic rock covers band, so I do a lot with vintage sims.

Where do we tell LB what icons to use, or does it just automatically figure it out for itself?  I'd have thought right-click the category, but the image specified there only shows up on the "details" pane, not on the main left panel.

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30 minutes ago, AnalogGuy said:

Where do we tell LB what icons to use, or does it just automatically figure it out for itself?

If you name it the [exact] same as your Platform (Platform Category, etc.), it'll just automatically figure it out for itself.

The one's in the Details pane are in \LaunchBox\Images\Platform\  And it too will 'just automatically figure it out for itself' if you copy an image file (vs. icon file) into it.

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I am losing my mind here. And not sure what I am doing wrong. My platform list shows most of the icons, however, not all. For example, Commodore 128. From the image, you can see that there's no platform icon. But there is an image file, with the same name, in the \LaunchBox\Images\Platform Icons folder. But the image won't load. I have tried this with a few others, and its the same thing. Also have the same problem with playlists. I put the images there, with the exact same name, and they don't appear. What am I missing?




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Those icons look a lot like the ones with Default+ which does it's icons a different way (or at least did). If you're using Default+ theme by Faeran use the Theme Manager to grab the most recent version, I believe he updated it to use the icons the same way default does.

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1 minute ago, aszure said:

@C-Beats That's the theme I am using. It is called Default Plus, but I am assuming you're referring to the same one. When I do change the theme, all the icons disappear. It appears only that theme loads the icons. Or at least in my setup.

Yeah, that was the theme I was referring to. I'd swap to Default and then check the view menu and make sure the icons weren't disabled for any reason. Should be in the View > Show / Hide menu

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On 2/27/2023 at 1:27 PM, aszure said:

@C-Beats Just checked, and "Side Bar Icons" is checked. 

I think I am going to try to do a clean installation in another folder and see what happens. Thanks for your suggestions

It was not clear whether you actually did this or not, but you will need to download the latest version of Default Plus in order to get the new icon support.

You can do this in LaunchBox by going into Tools > Manage LaunchBox Themes

Then find Default Plus and hit the Update button.

The theme should be on version 1.4

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