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Neon Deluxe Arcade - 16:9 (Big Box Theme) 2.6.1

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About This File

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Huge thanks goes out to @y2guru for his Community Theme Creator Software and his endless personal help, also he created the animated wheels for this theme! @Hexxxer for the original inspiration of his FutureState theme. @Rincewind for the inspiration on his use of the icons. @faeranfor explaining the new marquee options in v12. Thanks guys!



1. Download the theme here and place the folder in Launchbox/Themes/

2. You might need to unblock the zip file or all the .DLL's in the plugin folder. Right click the zip or DLL files, choose properties and at the bottom you click "Unblock".

3. I recommend doing the following to speed up Big Box greatly: 

 - Uncheck all Background Images in Launchbox > Tools > Options > Media > Background Priorities
 - Set all transitions to "None" in BigBox settings
 - Use the Clean Up media tool in launchbox/tools/Clean Up Media... (this can really speed up lists with thousands of games and duplicate media)
 - Defrag the drive that holds your media files

Hope you like and enjoy! ?


Neon Deluxe Arcade is a series of themes and elements, if you like you can download these to accompany the complete theme, visit this page to see all my other work:

Arcade stick and buttons sound pack, sounds really good with this theme:

Edited by Mr. RetroLust

What's New in Version 2.5.1   See changelog


- Fixed wheel titles without clear logo will display text now (Thanks @dreamy)


- Fixed long standing issue of options background image not scaling properly in resolutions other than 3840x2160 thanks to @C-Beats !
- Logos now use the new WheelItemTemplate so they size correctly within the arrow selector
- Tweaked wheel looks (Thanks for explaining and your patience @y2guru !) also wheel logos are higher res compared to previous version
- Wheels response times are faster
- Text title on Wheel2GamesView, 3 and 4 is smaller for more room when longer titles, changed color to fit design and added game version field below title
- Brightened wheel arrow selector images; more apparent animation
- Changed wheel/search index colors to better fit design
- Minor pixel sized tweakings to UI elements size and position for consistant look and feel
- Wheels in text lists now have "wrap"; long titles will start on next line instead of dissapearing text
- Added another WallGamesView, one with 3D boxes and one with front boxes
- Changed look pop-ups thanks to and based on @y2guru 's new pop-up view in CTC 2.5
- Huge thanks to @y2guru for CTC 2.5 which made all of this possible: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/


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Best theme out there in my opinion, looks fantastic and displays a lot of informations at the same time while keeping big videos, love it :D

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Thank you!! 


Response from the author:

Very nice cab you got there man :)

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· Edited by Whatscheiser

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I'm always tinkering with my LaunchBox installation and creating custom categories, mainly for Movies and TV shows to sit alongside my game library. I'm always searching for what I think the end result should look like when I finally have all of this media under one roof. So I'll every so often mess with other themes or play around in the community theme creator to edit and tweak existing works a little bit, but I always come back around to using Neon Deluxe Arcade,

Something about the presentation here just trips all the right "nostalgia" buttons for me. Not to mention its very flexible in terms of presentation. The low light renderings and screen effects applied across period correct televisions displaying game videos, or arcade cabinets and their marquees is just so well done. Or if you'd rather make the game art itself and the videos accompanying that the main focus then there are views to support that as well, letting the platform take a back seat. With LaunchBox's ability to save different views depending on the platform this theme can really let you cater to one aesthetic or another depending on what platform you are trying to feature.

This theme also hands down makes the most use of all of the different artworks that LaunchBox can populate for your games. Which I think is another point that draws me back into it. There just seems to be more here to take in and I think I begin to find others lacking as a result. Of course its all personal preference at the end of the day, but for me (at least so far) this is it. The theme really puts across its atmosphere in a convincing way and I can feel like this is a spot I'd want to squirrel away all of my stuff into. Like the mancave arcade my house doesn't have the room for.


Response from the author:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful review, really appreciate it and I'm glad you like coming back to it :) There are so many beautiful themes to choose from it's hard to choose sometimes, but that is a good thing ;)

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MazJohn [Mr Arcade]

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Hey there Mr. RetroLust…  Mr. Arcade Here is really digging this theme now at v1.7.  Finding the alternate views version to be crazy good with the right artwork. Thanks for this and keep it up!

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Flawless and easy to make it your own..

*****5 STARS*****

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Tried a few other themes, always switch back to this immediatly

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one of the best themes, too bad I couldn't make it "smoother" above 60Fps (using a 165hz monitor)
If anyone knows how, please give me a tip,
(in the settings it is already enabled for monitors up to 200Mhz)

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This is a real good theme. One question...I have this installed on my system, but it's constant lag & it's sluggish when I press down on my xbox controller, takes time for things to load like the videos. How do I fix this?

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