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  1. Wow, you are correct, I still haven’t been prompted for 10.5 but disabling those worked. Thank you. I would ditch rl if lb supported bezels. I think most would. Great work. Thanks again!
  2. I just started using an 8bitdo controller. It seems to work with all of the game controls. However, I was bummed out when I lost game exit capability. I then tried to access pause menu and no dice. I am running rocketlauncher in the back and that seems to be buggy with LB these days, so I set up retroarch as an emulator for NES straight through LB. Still had the same results with the controllers( although it fixed a fade screen issue that has popped up around 10.3[positive] but I loose my bezels[negative]) I then tried my xbox controllers with the same results in all scenarios. I don't seem to have been able to get the beta, however, I did get an update tonight to 10.4. Same thing. I am windows 10. I tried deleting the xml to no avail.
  3. Just to be clear. Rocketlauncher bezels will not work along side this?
  4. Super clean. Totally brings a level of professionalism to the build.
  5. Yeah, now it isn't in my Platform list anymore. WTF. Is it because it doesn't have any games associated with it?
  6. Wait what the heck. No sooner did I nest one playlist in it than it disappeared. I don't get it.....
  7. Ah ha! Scratch that! I rebooted LB and it is in the nest tree now. Booyah!
  8. Hey guys, I have started building game collections and wanted to create a 'Game Title Collections' platform in order to nest the playlists in it and put it up with my platform categories. I have created a new platform named 'Game Title Collections' but it won't show up. I feel like this should be more simple that it is becoming. Any thoughts? Ideas? Thank you in advance. KillaBLK
  9. This is just what I needed!! Can you make a 70's, 90's, 00's, and 10's? Hahaha I know tall order. This is perfect though. Thank you.
  10. I am interested in this topic. Hope someone knows!
  11. Kodi noob here. Are there good transition scripts available? I don't like the transition to and from Big Box showing my desktop.
    My wife thought my dance in the living room was a little ridiculous. What she doesn't realize is all the long hours building a HTPC, have all culminated into this one add-on to complete it all..
    Perfect transition and look. Keep it up!
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