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  1. 14 hours ago, PixelDragon said:

    Great tool, but I have a message error (see capture), since 2 or 3 LB beta release.
    I have the same error message with the new LB 11.12.
    I hope you can fix it.

    Thanks for the heads up.  

    I've uploaded v1.0.1 that should resolve that issue.  [I think] you should be able to just  Unblock the zip  and then copy/overwrite the 2 existing files in ../Plugins/RetroAchBadge/

    Please let me know if it's still causing problems.

  2. 24 minutes ago, megashub said:

    Additional Commandline Parameters

    I had thought about adding the Custom Command-Line Parameters.  But figured with Bulk adding addnl. Apps, it would have been redundant.  Also, that with Bulk adding multiple times, the apps Name would have been unique to each game [set]. Making these being displayed separately already.  But I see what you did there.

    I had my team look into this and think we've come up with a solution.  A "check Box" (as suggested).


    - Select your Platform

    - Check (or uncheck) Split By Commandline BEFORE clicking Get.

    - If you select a Platform and click Get, then decide you want to see them 'sorted' by command line... click Clear, check the box and then click Get again.

    Since there have been so many downloads of this plugin, could you please test this before it gets officially updated with the released Plugin?  It would be greatly appreciated!  Oh, and don't forget to Unblock the file, as before.  Thank you for your time, patience and consideration. 

    BulkRemoveAdditionalApps 1.0.1.zip

  3. 17 minutes ago, Wanderer189 said:

    I don't see the "Bulk Run Before/After Main Application" in the context menu.

    Then LaunchBox is not [completely] loading it.  This is usually because the plugin file (the dll file) is blocked.  But you indicated you unblocked it.  Can you attach a LaunchBox debug log for me?  (if you would please, drag and drop the file in here rather than copy and pasting its' contents.)

  4. 49 minutes ago, CyrixDX4 said:

    Has this been updated/ironed out for newer versions of launchbox (11.8+)?  Trying to find a simple way to import/organize all my mame sets.

    Short answer: Yes.

    Long Answer: The last published update for this plugin accounts for LaunchBox's switch to .NET Core ( LB/BB version 11.3).  This plugin is compatible with (at least) LaunchBox versions 10.8 through current 11.8, and beyond.

    If you find any issues with the plugin, please feel free to post here so that they can be addressed and resolved.


  5. Ya, error was in the 'bottom' part. Glad you found it.

    Is save high scores enabled in MAME?
    Does the game you're testing support saving high scores?
    Does the game you're testing have a high score file saved?
       (You need to get on the leader board before a high score file will even be created)
    When you start the game you've gotten onto the leader board, do your initials show in the games' high scores?

  6. You're welcome!  Glad you picked an easy one. :D

    Shrink_MESS is not required at all for the importer to work.  If you have the mess206.xml  (206 being your revision of MAME) located in the plugin folder, you'll be able to see the compatibility status of the console/computer in MAME.  Shrink_MESS takes that 31 MB file (which you can get from here:  http://www.progettosnaps.net/mess/) and "shrinks" it to just over 1 MB (for faster scanning by the plugin).  And what you'll see is something like thisimage.png.e8f28410b71efb3121225c5030747b76.png

    Metadata and Media (Images):

    Click on a game.  Press Ctrl-A (select all).  Click Tools, Download Metadata and Media.image.thumb.png.634f25cfe9e35c38247b73111b7bccfc.png

  7. On 4/13/2020 at 7:04 PM, Dane said:

    I have my hash files stored in Retroarch's system folder

    I'm going to defer to "What's needed", item #2.  "- MAME Software List hash files (located in the "hash" sub folder of your Mame's main folder)" :D

    As for it not Importing on the 1st go-around, I am at a loss.  I've looked at the code ad nauseam and discovered my programming/troubleshooting skills-to-date have peaked.  So for now, consider the success of Importing as (you so kindly put it) a lottery.  BUT, a lottery where the odds are greatly in your favor.  It at first it doesn't work, try, try again. :) 

    "...and thank you for your support." (Bartles & Jaymes [1984 to 1991])


  8. I used to have it 'remember' your last location for the hash files folder.  I then automated it to look for your MAME emulator in LB, and then navigate down to the hash folder and put that in the textBox.  It works great on my computer. lol  Obviously it's not foolproof.  What, if anything appears in the box when you 1st load it?  Do you store your hash files (folder) outside of your MAME folder?

    It had been quirky in the past about not actually importing on the 1st go-around.  I thought that had been resolved.  Trusting you downloaded [the latest] v2.0, I'll have my team revisit that.  Ya, ya.... OK.  I'll look into it.  Again. :$

    Glad it's working for you otherwise.  Glad it's working for you otherwise [the 2nd time].   :) 

  9. Is it possible to have this work with pcsx2 being portable?  It seems to only want to look for my inis in C:\Users\Arcade\Documents\..... (etc.)

    I have pcsx2 located in F:\emulators\pscx2.  In there I also have "portable.ini" and my "inis" folder.

    As with "GameConfigsDir =" in the settings.ini files, would it be possible to have something like "inisDir ="?


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