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  1. if i have games with multiple discs i just add the other discs as additional app. and before launching the game you can choose which disc you want to play.
  2. make sure all the video files are in .mp4 format.
  3. first of all thank you for the help. and my settings are exactly like that, as i mentioned befor, if i open demule>run "cave CV1000" and load the rom manually it works. i checked all previous pages of this thread befor asking for help :). it seems like something dont work with the command, it wont open demul into load the "cave" roms. btw sorry about my english.
  4. nope, i use second one for the naomi\naomi2 roms. i try for the past 4 hours to figure what the problem is but dont have any clue, everything seems right. i tried to delete all other commands and just leave the cave one for test. but all i get is flash of window open and close and leave me with the demule emulator open.
  5. i have an issue to run the cave games, if i run them manually everything works good. the naomi games working well. my deafult command-line parameter for the cave games is: -run=cave3rd -rom= i think the problem is with the command line, i f anyone can help me figure it out i would be greatful.
  6. Hello, i wonder if there is any option in VBA-M emulator to make the game screen smaller in full screen mode?
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