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  1. WOW! Thank you so much Joe!!! I came back to comment that I found a way and found that you didn't just find a way, but a sophisticated way. This is AMAZING! Thank you so much, as always....you come in to save the day. You are the best.
  2. Hi Joe! Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate the time you took to chime in. Unfortunately, this isn't what I'm needing. I use startisback, which gives me direct access to the apps folder. I'm having issues articulating what I am needing and why and so my thoughts are not being conveyed concisely. So I'll try rewording my needs and expectations. These UWP games are launched using an address with an "internal" name (I believe correct term is "home name"), so that windows can launch the game/app without needing an absolute path. This works along the same lines as how Steam's shortcuts work. I am trying to find a way to get windows to just tell me what's installed using the "home name", the names that Windows gives the app/game packages. Having this "address" allows for launching without a using shortcut. If I can get PowerShell or CMD to list them all in the "Xbox://home.gamename" format and then output the results in a txt file, it would be EXTREMELY helpful for me. I apologize for not being able to express what I am needing and why with concision. I understand if what I'm asking for is confusing.
  3. Hi, I appreciate your reply. I found your post previously with my various Google searches. Unfortunately, this isn't what I'm looking to do. Thank you for taking the time to respond and offering me a potential solution. What I'm looking for the actual "path" that is used by windows. I know that where they're installed is encrypted and inaccessible. I'm needing what is found in the launching field in the game properties when LB has added a game from my account. I think the correct term is "family name", which is what comes after the 'Xbox://' part. I'm needing a way to have a list of all my UWP games and apps either exported to a txt file or something similar like a database generator.
  4. Hi, I am not sure if this is where it should be, if not...I apologize and will post where requested. Ok, so... I know that LaunchBox now offers adding UWP games by signing into your live account, unfortunately it still misses a few. Does anybody know of a tool that can provide me with the address/path that Windows uses so I can copy and paste it to a txt, .bat, .ahk, or .py or manually adding an app to LaunchBox. How does LB get the correct path for launching UWP games installed on my PC? Is there a 3rd party tool that can provide me with the "address" for any/all UWP apps installed on my system? Is there a way to use PowerShell to output a text file with all the UWP apps' addresses/paths? Here's an example of the UWP address for Asphalt Airborn: Xbox://GAMELOFTSA.Asphalt8Airborne_0pp20fcewvvtj How do I go about getting the actual name of the apps/games on my system, the part after "Xbox://"part? I do know about UWPhook to add UWP games to steam but I want to cutout the middle-man. I just want to have either the internal name of the game or find a database of all the known UWP game addresses. I am looking for something better than using a program (LB) to launch a program(UWPhook) that launches games. I feel that I'm not really conveying my thoughts to text very clearly an apologize for any confusion, if any and apologize for being redundant with my question. This is cross posted
  5. Hi, I apologize for asking 3 years after you commented this and for such a long winded post but you got me to thinking about how programs and emulators with runtime/library dependencies will work when the required files are dropped into the program's working directory (instead of being installed to the machine). PCSX2 is the first emulator that I can think of from the top of my mind, I do believe that these are visual runtime files. I haven't really given much thought about LaunchBox portability until today when I thought about getting a 1tb ssd dedicated to LB installed in a SuperSpeed USB, Type-C or Thunderbolt enclosure. I know that while I can have a "redistributable" folder with the needed library installers and when I connect the drive to a different PC that doesn't have the required libraries to run LB, I could just install them. However, that would mean that lb isn't a truly portable program as changes are then being made to said PC and sometimes, installing on another machine isn't always an option. I've made nearly all of my emulators and all tools that I use for downloading and editing images, videos and other files, completely portable so they all work from the first time being launched (tested from flash drives). So, my question is this: Can I do the same with LaunchBox to make it a true portable program? ie: dropping all the .NET and DX library files inside the "../LaunchBox/Core" directory and it work without ever complaining about needing them to be installed? Thanks in advance and thank you for so much patience with us, the less experienced arcade hobbyists.
  6. Hmm, it isn't working for me, this was one of the first methods I tried.... The part ofr me that you quoted is for a different launcher I am wanting to achieve the same results with. I have 2, ctrl+alt+y and ctrl+alt+v, I just copied the wrong one. Thanks again for your priceless knowledge
  7. Hi all, I am looking for a (hopefully simple) solution to perplexing (to me) problem. Ok, so I have a script that is always running in my system tray with multiple different hotkeys set to launch various apps, exit apps and additional (sister) scripts. Well, I recently picked up a nice media center keyboard by Microsoft that gives me the ability to set macros, launch programs, files and/or scripts.... I was trying to setup one of the programmable keys to use a macro as one of my hotkeys. This did not work regardless of what I've tried. Well, there is always more than one way to skin a cat and so I returned to my old (but never figured out) idea of creating a hotkey "launcher" of sorts. Basically what I am trying to achieve is when I launch this ahk script, I want it to send "ctrl+alt+v" and then close the script, it will then launch what I have set to launch in my always-on script. None of what I've tried has worked. I don't get any errors but it also doesn't launch my program. Here is what I have currently in my test script: #SingleInstance Force send ~$^!Y return I have tried it with/out the "tilde" (~) and "$" to no avail. What am I missing? I suppose I can create a script containing the "chunk of 'code'" in my always on script, but this is something I have attempted in the past and failed at, so I would like to try to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
  8. I don't know how tf I missed this response man. I am a little embarrassed that I did. I appreciate he time you took to type out your post, you are clearly very passionate and proud about your build, as you should be. It is phenomenal. So, here is my computer case, it is built into an ikea end table for a very unassuming and stealth pc, it has since (taking these pics) undergone quite the transformation, ie: all new hardware inside. I have it connected to a Sony STR-DN1080 Atmos receiver, 55" Vizio 4k (can't remember the model number) and my speakers are the Klipsch 5.1 reference pack plus 2 Bose Model 141 Series II Bookshelf Speakers for the Atmos height. I have 35tb total in ssd/hdd, gtx 1080 ti fe, 32gb ram, i7 6700k, ASUS Rog Maximus VIII Hero. It is whisper quiet and is exactly what I want. My setup is almost identical to yours including the inteset ir receiver, sans it's location as I don't use any kind of optical media drives. I have an older but superior (to the harmony line) remote made by Acoustic Research called the x-sight. It is a jp1 programmable remote, done on the pc. This, in combination with reg edits and an AHK script that I keep running in my system tray from boot, allows me to launch anything I want from my remote. If you are interested, I even got youtube tv (not the cable version but like what is on smart TVs) running in chrome (which is not normally possible on the pc) and launching from a remote keypress. I also have my 0-9 keys setup for text input when using YouTube on TV and YouTube kids. Text entry is just like the old flip phones. I would be happy to share my script(s) with you, if interested. It really gives the computer an appliance like feel. I also have an older Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 Model 1073 (copied and pasted that cause I can never remember the name) for better control of the system when needed inc launching kodi if I dont have my remote nearby or in-hand. I am very well aware of the inherent issues of dinput/xinput and stick with xinput at all times. I am like you a bit of a purist. I have many wireless controllers, including: DualSense (my newest baby and ofc for all my PS needs, until I find a viable and not ridiculously expensive wireless PS2 solution...for pressure sensitive buttons) 2 Xbox one (using controller companion for mouse and the official xbone chatpad) 2 x360 1 x360 Hori RAP ex fightstick 1 x360 PDP Marvel (wired) fight pad 1 Power A wireless GC controller (dinput) I will be going with the wavebird and smash GC controller adaptor in due time) 1 Retrobit BT Saturn Pad (xinput mode) 1 Retrobit 2.4ghz Saturn pad (xinput mode) 3 wiimotes+mayflash dolphin bar (didn't want to sacrifice a wii for its bt pcb plus the dolphin bar just works) 1 8bitdo sfc30 (xinput) 1 8bitdo n30 (xinput) 1 8bitdo Xbox sn30 pro (dinput because they locked it down to android but am getting the 8bitdo bt receiver in the mail today to circumvent this) 3 wired N64 controllers using a mayflash adaptors. (My time is coming to get the wireless one, but I will be doing the mod for swapping the guts with authentic n64 parts) 1 steam controller (screw pinnacle game profiler, joy to key and xpadder, steam does gamepad remapping the best) Though I have only 1 of many of these, I do plan on getting P2 controllers eventually, until then, they can use the xbox gamepad, if I am not playing...or use the other pads in xinput mode for a whacky exp. I can't wait for the Retrobit BT Dreamcast controller (whenever tf that gets released). Oh and my next purchase will be the Logitech g920 for...well, Cruis'n USA..obviously...? and forza and other driving games/sims.The Project is never truly over. Also, I am not gonna lie, I skim read your post and started replying and talking about my setup. When I finished typing it out I scrolled back to the top to see if I missed anything and see that we used much of the same formatting. We are similar, so you are alright to me. lol
  9. Not entirely certain as to where I should post this due to the nature of my question, I am posting here because I feel this is the best spot though because of how my posting ends... There are tools like IObit uninstaller that checks against your installed apps to alert you of available updates (should you set it to do so). Which got me to thinking and now I am looking for a utility (or AHK script) that does the same thing. I have done a fair bit of googling but cant find anything like this, most likely my wording ?. It would be nice to have a little utility that run in the notification tray or as a task or just when ran from double clicking where with it you can either: A) tell it the emus you are using by directing it to your emu's directory - or - B) there could be a drop down box and a way to tell it each of the emus' update address(es) - or - C) anything that comes close, the first two were just ideas of features I am looking for. Even if it isn't meant for just emus but just programs of our choice that we would want it to be checking updates for. I am completely open to trying out ahk scripts, as I imagine that this is quite possible with a little bit of scripting "sorcery". I am not even close to being proficient at coming up with scripts this sophisticated on my own. Honestly, the more I think of this as I am typing this out.. the more I feel that AHK is the way and it wouldn't even need a schedule, it can just be ran with a hotkey or running the script. IDK If it is doable, but if it is... I only need a basic example and can build from that. Meaning if I can have a single chunk of code that I would: Name the emu Set the emu's update URL set the download path and to append the date at the end if there is an update automatically download and give a pop up box saying the downloads are complete requiring the ok button to be complete I hope I am not being too needy. I hate asking for help tbh.
  10. Sorry for necroposting @Jason Carr, I truly hate doing this, but hate pointlessly creating new threads even more. Anyhow, has this been implemented?
  11. I read this in your voice. Ahhh....the advent of the interwebz have not only killed the imagination but also helped it. lol
  12. Aww man, this is fan freaking tastic! Thank you so much!!! You're amazing. I know I'm simping, but these little things turn me into a simp. Lulz Now then, if I can be a bit more of a pain, can you share your controller buttons that you found? I'm sorry, I'm asking because I use rocket launcher and so I can create some fade screens that are more akin to what I am using already. In short, I want to create overlays rather than completely changing my background. I'll happily share these when I'm finished. God knows I've gained so much from this amazingly selfless community and it's time to give back.
  13. See my last line? I was so tired last night. I legitimately thought i was messaging a friend on here. I apologize and have deleted that post. I really have no idea how I managed to do that.
  14. I think there's a bit of confusion. I only posted that here and no other place on this site. I then went over to the main AutoHotKey forums site and asked there. It is super cringe for me creating new threads and double posting, so I avoid it at all costs.
  15. So, I am here hoping one of y'all may know of an easy script or bat file that I can run from any directory that will do the following: scan the directory for roms and folders and create a .cfg folder/rom with said rom's name. then with each .cfg it will contain the same text as below except where "gb.png" is, it will be changed to whatever the name of the .cfg file is. ie: if the .cfg is named "file.cfg" then the 3rd line of text would read "overlay0_overlay = file.png" overlays = 1 overlay0_overlay = gb.png overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_descs = 0 I am trying to come up with a less redundant way of adding bezels to Retroarch for select platforms without using "The Bezel Project" as those are too generic and cartoony for my liking. I am cross posting this in this thread as well as AHK forums. I am tired so IDK if I am conveying it clearly. It seems as though it may be easy...but for me...it is not.
  16. I remember watching this and it was my tipping point going from HS to LB. I managed to repurpose most of my hs media and thanks to colpipes, I was able to dl a nearly fully configured setup of LB with RL. Funny, even tho it was nearly complete....I still havent finished it and that was around 1.5 years ago
  17. You. Are. Awesome!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I gotta say though, I use gimp and psd files onfuse me. I know this isn't Photoshop workshop so I won't ask you for help with that. I am curious though, where did you get the high res xbone controller and buttons? Is that avail separately? I would love to have these on hand.
  18. Care to share these and the controller button images you are using? I absolutely love this style!!! Would you be so kind as to share your bezels?
  19. Sorry for necroposting. I hate creating new threads. I am searching for a way to get the Game ratings to show up in my fade screens using RL. Fade works fine, showing stats, system logo, game logo, animated loading wheel and "now loading..." animation across the center of the screen (bezels work as expected as well)...I cannot get the Developer/Publisher, genre, ESRB, Pegi nor Cero rating logos to show up. I have messed with alignments and ordering to see if its being displayed off screen but nothing shows up. I even tried renaming the ratings to what LB uses word-for-word since RL is case sensitive and whatnot. Any suggestions? I can up some screenshots to show my settings if needed. Note: I did update RL's "Launchbox.plugin" to recognize illegal characters and that resolved my issues with clear logos not being pulled from LBBB properly. Sadly, it didn't resolve my other issues. Solved: It was not LB nor RL but in fact user error. I just finished filling out the ID-10-T form ?. I was only testing games' fade screens, not actually loading any of my games. When I loaded the game, I had a nice mess of logos all over my screen. To those interested in the Launchbox.plugin edit I did Make sure you backup your original plugin before proceeding. The easiest way to do this is by doing a right-click and drag'n'drop with the original "LaunchBox.plugin", then click "copy here" in the context menu. To use the standard (click here) download of the file just click "download paste">in the save as dialog box click the "save as type" drop-down box>click "all files">name the file "LaunchBox.plugin" (minus quotes)>save to "..\RocketLauncher\Plugins\" I prefer to use the raw view (click here) just press "ctrl+a" to highlight all text then press "ctrl+c" to copy it all to your clipboard (proceed to the edit tut below) To edit the plugin: go to "..\rocketlauncher\plugins\" Right-click on "LaunchBox.plugin" (make sure you've backed it up first, instructions above) Next edit "LaunchBox.plugin"(not the one you just backed up) with notepad++ <---clickable (install if you don't have it installed already) when it is loaded, press "ctrl+a" to highlight all of the code and paste "ctrl+v" the code I provided at pastebin, then press "ctrl+s" to save. To those who didn't backup (not judging, lol) here is the original and the raw code is here (same instructions apply for this as above)
  20. Thank you for your contributions!
  21. Yeah x360 is just me being lazy and not typing out "Xbox 360". I have the legit thing in both Xbox 360 and One controllers. When I was spazzing out over the Xinput lib thing, it is because MS changed something in the xinput API for XBONE (Xbox one) controllers. Both 360 and XBONE controllers may use Xinput but it changed after the w10 creators update in 2016 (i believe). I *can* roll back to a W8.1 xinput driver and ahk will work in harmony w/ that driver. I will however, lose the ability to control forza horizon 4 and Forza MS 7 with my XBONE controller. Honestly.....not worth it to me. I would rather reinstall W10, cause like I said...I believe vjoy and vxbox screwed things up. I had issues in the past in the those virtual joypads but persisted until I had them functioning like I needed them to(using my remote to send xinput signals to Netflix, remember?)...it seems as though I will not be able to achieve nirvana with my Arcade/HTPC. I will try to revisit this later when I reinstall w10. I am nearly finished setting up LB/BB, I have a little bit of media left to setup, all of my pc games are installed on separate drives and separated into 2 sections, (games that need to be reinstalled upon reinstallation of windoze and those that work regardless of old/new windoze install). I regularly backup "appdata" and "programdata" folders as well as all registry edits I make as I progress, so there is very little work for post-installation of w10. I even created a batch script for auo installation of all runtimes, ahk, np++ and other required files for gaming. I am also creating a stripped down copy of of w10 with all bloat removed, saving only the required parts for basic w10 functionality as well as MS store for UWP games. When that is installed, I will revisit this when that is accomplished and finally, my computer will be shelled with BB/Kodi and ready for prime time. Sorry for my distracted off topic tangent. lol
  22. SO I am unable to use even my x360 gamepad with ahk, i tested with a small script to give me a message box when the a button is pressed(to no avail) and I originally thought it was an issue with me using an XBOX one controller which it actually is not. Now I believe it is my controller assignments within windows as I had vxbox and vjoy installed at one point, forgot about them after I realized they weren't helpful for what I needed them for (remember trying to send xinput presses from keyboard?) and never removed them. I remember at one point when trying to use vjoy it rendered my gamepads inoperable. SO, I removed both programs and virtual devices, still nothing. I have a feeling a fresh install of Windoze will clear up a fair bit of issues. Also, I read (all of it this time) that I can specify which cont uses the HK like "2joy6" for joypad 2 Right Bumper. I tried that with my tester script, obliviously it didn't work. It did give mean idea though, suppose I am currently able to get HK working with my gamepads, could I have a script emulate a p2 controller? Say I wanted to p2 controller to do the Konomi code, would I be able to set say...RB+Start on p1 controller to have it input the Konomi code from p2 controller? Not that I need it to do that specifically, just an example.
  23. The guide button works PERFECTLY!!!! Thank you so much! Are there $vk to use for the other buttons on the gamepad? So did the daisy-chaining. IN FACT....I was able to merge 2 scripts because of this unknown (to me) little trick.
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