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  1. man... this artworks are insane.. :)... what the chance to get 2 for playlist "FAVORITES" and "COMPLETED" :)?!? cya
  2. hi... @Lordmonkus do you know if have any way to do the high scores works in retroarch mame core?!
  3. hi... i have a question... i install the bezel project.. and works fine... but when i import the mame roms in launchbox (retroarch core), i separated in CPS1,2, 3 NEOGEO AND naomi... (all from lastest mame rom set)... when create cps system.. and choose to scrape like arcade.. all the bezels are imported.. so all cps systems works with bezels... but naomi and neogeo didnt... the question is.. have any way to import manualy the bezels.. (if i choose to download 1by1).. and confgure to each game... i already try to do in retroarch... (winth .png and .cfg files).. but when i close the game.. the overlay disappear... thx..
  4. i am having problem to run the game with netplay?!?.. i already do the conifg. in retroarch... but the right clic on game and "retroarch netplay" does not open the game... (even in client or host) sometinhg in this updated lb?!
  5. Hi, i recently start the configuration of launchbox... its a project to put inside of cabinet ... already installl almost of systems and games... but have some questions.. one of is: i install "the bezel project" and works perfectly.. even with arcade games i separated in cps1,2,3 but ask to scrape in arcade.... but having some problems with others systems... like NAOMI, NEOGEO.. (even ask to scrape in arcade).. the bezels just wont appears.. so looking the folders, i see inside of retroarch/overlay/arcadebezels.. and consoles bezels... so i try to create folder with name of systems (ex: naomi, ...) and put some bezels with CFG inside... praying to the system sacan automatcly auheuhae.. but like i was waiting.. didnt happen.. so i try to install bezels inside of retroarch.. (1by1 games).. but the problem is.. i put the bezel in game, but when i turn off the retroarch.. the bezel goes to... so i ask.. how can i edit (some file) to scan the folder (naomi roms/naomi bezels, with same name on roms), orrr if i cant do that, how can i install 1by1 thx
  6. even if the roms is already extracted?!? because.. what i see.. is the CORE STELLA.. isnt runnig?! (and i dont know why.. cause a few days ago... was runnig (need format my computer and stop launch the retro..).. so... for now i will let the stela2014 unless you guys have other solution
  7. the only way i find to solve... its changing the core to stella2014.. or change emulator to stella 6.0
  8. this is strange.. because.. yesterday was working... but... i extract the files like u said... but still no working.. when i try run the game... just dont open the retroarch with other cores its working... ps1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3cgPzIJHAw at this video.. they use the files in .zip
  9. i am having problem with atari 2600... wont lanuch the game.. the games are from "no intro".. and stay .zip files..
  10. sorry for the stupid question... but.. has any way to know if a game will need a chd?! (for the CHD it need to be compatbible with the same set? (or can be any chd pack))?!? thx one more time..
  11. thx.... just see if i get it... if i take a non merged set... and put it out onlye the game i want... i will no need any other file?!? right?! BIOS? CHD? (i ask about chd.. because the pack of chd have about 500gb.)
  12. right... so basicly, if i take the last set... and extract from there only ONE rom... there is any way to find what is the others files it will need?!?! if i take a non-merged?! ex: if i take that rom; xmvsfa.zip (600kb) i will get a error, cause i will need this other file xmvsf.zip (19.000kb).. but the question is.. how do i will know the other files it will need (chd? bios?) sorry for the questions
  13. Hi guys... i know the topic is old... but.. id like to know if.. when i try to download a newest set of roms... i will need to run the “mame” core or newest mame.emu right?? and if i choose to create a custom pack??? (Cause i probably no need 6000 games.. so where i can search what version is each rom and what files it will need?? (Chd, bios,...)
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