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  1. I'll confess I've watched my laundry agitate on more than one occasion, but I don't need to do that remotely!
  2. Good choice with the Jeff quote, Zombeaver. It is getting insane, that's for sure. Saw a fridge in Home Depot the other day for $4500. You could buy a lot of other cool stuff if ya got the $500 one instead.
  3. Well, the now 'pee-wee' 15.36TB Samsung SSD is 10-grand (it's currently shipping), so 60TB is gonna be up there - Hmmm..., times 4 (for your RAID 10 setup) is... The total sum of my lifetime earnings?
  4. Yup, it had a hard-drive, but it wasn't big (base configuration was a 5MB model). If ya wanted some 'serious' storage, ya added on a washing machine-sized peripheral, such as an RP06 (178MB). When I was a Computer Operator, I used those a lot to do Backups.
  5. Ya wouldn't need an alphabet-and-a-half for all your drives, if ya had a few of those.
  6. Most of ya probably already know about this, but if not, it's looks as if it might be somewhat useful. [Click on the blurb below] There's even an emulator for this! (I was weaned on Digital's PDP line. I initailly used paper-tape, too, similar to what's shown in the photo ).
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7y8oHI-W3M Wonder Woman is a good ways off, but it appears it might be worth the wait. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lGoQhFb4NM
  8. Crap, the Sale has already ended (I will keep an eye on that Website, though):
  9. Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month
  10. I had heard about that, but hadn't read the entire story - thanks for the Link. It actually surprises me those Torrent Sites stay up as long as they do. It just seems as if it would be so easy to track them down. I didn't think you could do squat on the Internet without it being logged somewhere. Even if you're runnin' something like PeerBlock, it seems you're still traceable, if they look hard enough. FWIW, I don't have a Facebook account, and I'm keeping it that way.
  11. There's a small lake (Prospect) in the amazing park I live near. There's a shit-load of gangster lookin' folks that hang-out there. I snapped a shot of Moe (a really nice guy) with his Ride (sporting 26" wheels) this morning. His girlfriend was over at a nearby picnic table token' on a joint :
  12. $299 for the 500GB model, $349 for a 1TB, and a "limited edition" 2TB model will be $399. (Click on the Pic)
  13. Hmmm..., the Link I provided seems to be down (for now, anyway). If you're interested, here's a Link to the YouTube video.
  14. Old Man's Journey All I know is so far, it's a game about life, loss, and hope (and I like the artwork!).
  15. How could I have forgotten a Ken Block video? (Driving starts about a minute in). This one's a bit older, but I always liked it. The new ones are really crazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TshFWSsrn8
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ao_uAb6Jkw News story here. Source code available to Developers, too.
  17. Only $60! 30 games built-in Smaller than original HDMI capable Click here for more.
  18. (Click on Pic) Argh! I've been usin' Firefox (Netscape in the beginning) since it fit on 1 diskette, and I will try to use a Microsoft alternative whenever possible. Since they released Windows 3.1 (I think it was) with IE 'embedded', despite the Courts telling them not to, I've hated 'em. They figured they could really 'torpedo' Netscape, if IE was built into the OS. Who would bother installing a different Browser? Back then, most Users didn't know how to, anyway. It was worth it to them to take a fine. Oh, ya, remember this from pre-Windows (aka DOS ) days: Following a successful lawsuit by Stac Electronics regarding demonstrated patent infringement, Microsoft released MS-DOS 6.21 without DoubleSpace. A court injunction also prevented any further distribution of the previous versions of MS-DOS that included DoubleSpace. I think I started to hate 'em after that, and then the Netscape thing made it official.
  19. I never heard of 'em (until now), but they have a lot to do with Game Development. Yesterday, the company released updated stats conveying that over 5.5 million developers have registered themselves on the Unity platform. By comparison, Unity’s closest competitor, Epic Games, recently announced their Unreal Engine is sporting 2 million registered users. Apparently, there's lots of free stuff for Game Developers, too. Sounds potentially useful for Mr. Brad (if he's not already using it).
  20. Kirsten Marie said Jason and I have been friends for about 10 years. He was looking for someone to take care of customer service and marketing and he thought of me. So really, I am just extremely blessed. :) You've known Super-Jason for a decade? Cool! Well, I suspect Jason made a wise decision bringing you onboard, and none of us will be disappointed with the value you'll undoubtly add to the Forum community and the Product's continued success. In an unrelated Topic, since you have Moderator Mojo, Kirsten, could you gimme a few Stats (maybe even a simple graph) on Forum Member growth since conception? I was recently noticing there's a thousand more members than there were just two months ago, so it's seems growth may be approaching expotenital proportions. Yippee! (Dang-it, the spell checker hasn't been working for me for weeks, so please excuse any spelling errors).
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