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  1. For anyone curious, this was the image that I was talking about. Clearly its not a good image for a box front in launchbox, but its a great unedited resource. This is just one small example of the type of material that gets removed and lost because it doesn't fit anywhere within the existing image categories. Im just saying if there were an additional category for archival purposes that isn't actually utilized anywhere in the frontend then this type of stuff could survive and serve as a resource for potential future recreation artists.
  2. Ive seen more than one occasion on the games database where there are images marked for deletion that I believe should be preserved for future reconstruction references, but are not in good enough shape to be used as the primary images that bigbox or launchbox displays. For example : https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/100029 Here there is one box front currently up for deletion that contains detail not present in the others (spine, back flap, and its cropped much cleaner), the other box front is cropped poorly with missing detail around the edges, but is higher resolution and would look less out of place when displayed in big box for example. I was just thinking it would be nice if we could have an additional category specifically for archival purposes, that way this type of stuff could be preserved and potentially reconstructed by the community rather than voted to deletion because it doesn't look pretty in launchbox. EDIT: aaannnd its gone
  3. This still appears to be an issue, but if it helps I think I may have narrowed down the problem. It seems when I import the full collection (clones and all) it populates almost every game in the playlists except a small handful (5 or 6 games across all playlists) where there are slight naming differences. For example in the Daphne Playlist I see missing "Dragons Lair" (no apostrophe) and in my Arcade collection I find Dragon's Lair (with an apostrophe). If when importing I choose to skip clones and prioritize a region (any region) I end up with tons of missing games in the playlists. I check my collection and find the games, but apparently not the specific clone that the playlist is looking for. So it seems the playlists look for a specific version of the game, and if you filter that clone out when importing it wont match the playlist with whatever version you keep.
  4. Hmm, when I started using kodi it was in the official kodi repository. It seems the original author Angelscry abandoned it and its no longer available in the official repos. I still have version 2.6.1 installed from before it was removed and as far as I can tell it still works perfectly fine as an external app launcher like I use it. With all of the time Ive been using it I never even realized it had been abandoned. I just create a launcher in advanced launcher, then add it to favorites, then set up a kodi main menu entry that points to the favorited launcher. After some digging I was able to find an unofficial fork on github https://github.com/SpiralCut/plugin.program.advanced.launcher
  5. Im not having that problem It did just occur to me though that the same day I upgraded bigbox I also updated my nvidia drivers. Could be something that popped up with the new drivers and have absolutely nothing to do with changes in bigbox.
  6. Yep, I was about to say the same! I booted in safe mode and things were working good so I booted back into normal mode and as soon as I killed geforce experience everything was working great. Good to know that I can just disable the overlay to achieve the same.
  7. I have a corsair mouse and keyboard but am not using the CUE software..
  8. yes launchbox loads in like 10 - 15 seconds
  9. I think the waiting time may be somehow related to how many games you have because on my primary bigbox install that has over 13k games Ive been waiting for about 25 minutes and it still hasn't loaded... Nothing in task manager about 7zip
  10. Strangest thing, I left bigbox loading while I was doing other stuff and after a literal 10 minutes it finally opened...
  11. Also windows and nvidia graphics drivers are all up to date
  12. I installed a fresh install in a new location and bigbox still doesn't work for me. It just gets stuck with the bigbox logo on the screen. Launchbox works fine on both installs. Im not experiencing the long launchbox load time someone else mentioned either. Yes, I was on 7.16 before upgrading. I had just used it day before I upgraded and everything was working fine then.
  13. Ive been using bigbox for a couple years without issues, but yesterday I got the 8.0 update and bigbox no longer starts. It plays my startup video and then just hangs on an infinite black screen. Task manager says not responding and I have to force kill the process. Launchbox seems to work fine, just not bigbox mode. I thought there might be a log file somewhere that could help but the Logs folder in my launchbox directory is empty.
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