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  1. I just wanted to say that I also want this feature. I like playing games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but I would prefer to be able to filter out those games until I enter my pin or confirm that it's me using BigBox. This may never happen, and there may be other stuff that's more important to the majority of people, but if it's added I would be grateful.
  2. This usually helps a lot. I've got an old windows 7 computer that I will be preforming a clean fresh install on in the next couple of weeks. Years of old apps and other junk that’s running in the background slows it down, and I find that a fresh windows install is a good idea. One thing I would do before this is to download the network drivers and save them on a USB drive. In the past I have had a fresh install that is missing the network drivers, and this is a hassle as there’s no internet on the computer and this makes it problematic to get the drivers.
  3. I did not know that you could add your own rating system, thanks for letting me know. I'll be checking that out. I’d still like to see other rating systems added to the database as Japanese only games only have a CERO rating.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to ask if there’s going to be other then North American (ESRB) rating systems added. I’m European so for me I’d like to have PEGI as me primary rating system. But I also have a lot of Japanese only games, so CERO is of interest for me. Checking with Wikipedia there are a lot of rating systems and maybe people like me want their local rating system if possible. I voted on this a long time ago, but the "enhancement" is from 2016, so now 5 years later I just wanted to ask if this is going to be a thing or not. Anyway if anyone else is interested in t
  5. I think this plugin is fantastic. It would be fantastic if the time info could be displayed in BigBox. Thank you for sharing this plugin
  6. It looks like these platforms haven't been added to the theme yet. You can do it yourself if you like, but keep in mind that when the theme is updated any changes you've made will be gone. Anyway if you want to add them, navigate to: LaunchBox\Themes\COLORFUL - Light\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a\AssemblyConfig There you'll find 2 files that can be edited in any text editor. Open Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config and add the platform names. <add key="Platform.MICROSOFT_MSX2" value="Microsoft_MSX2" /> <add key="Platform.NINTENDO_POKEMON_MINI" value="Nintendo_Poke
  7. Hi all, Hope you all are doing well Viking, Any chance you can share the after effects (aep) file for the PreComp_Multi_Gameplay from Category_Playlist or Category_Favorite? None of the videos needed just the project file. Im making some playlist videos and 2 of the screens in my video seem a little off. Would be helpful to be able to compare them with the once in your project, if possible
  8. Thank you viking. This is just what I needed. I gave it a little try and it will take my some time to master, but I think it will look good once it’s done. I also found the GameCube resource files helpful. Seeing the settings you use really helped a lot. I’m a been under the weather at the moment, so I want be working on anything until I’m better, but once I have something new I'll post it here Once again thank you
  9. Hi all, Okey so I moved this to the right thread. Sorry about that. Anyway Im working on 3 systems. Atari Jaguar CD, Casio Loopy and Sony PS Vita. Im not really that good with photoshop (or any photo editing software), but I'll give a try. Im not sure about the drop shadow on the Atari and Casio, so any advice or tips and tricks would be helpful. And for the vita I'm looking for a better system image, but overall im happy with it. Once the shadows are done I'll move on to adding some accessories.
  10. Hi all. Thank you viking for the nice comments. Yes the drop shadow on the jaguar was me trying 2 different shadows and by mistake having both layers on when I saved is as a png. Oops Anyway I've moved it to the right thread now, sorry about that. 😀
  11. This theme is just breathtakingly beautiful. Fantastic work. Thank you ever so much for this. I read some posts ago that you want hires photos of hardware. Most of what I have has already a video for it but maybe some of this is of interest? XBox 360 HD-DVD Drive XBox 360 Scene it Buzzers PS3 Singstar mic PS3 Buzzers PS3 Guitar hero Guitar Famicom AV Famicom Disk System Dreamcast Keyboard
  12. it's been awhile since I've used Photoshop, but it was fun. Hope you like them
  13. Thank you for replay. Now i know that it's in the pipeline
  14. Hi all. Haven't tried the new beta, but just wanted to ask. Is the disc swap accessible from the pause screen? And if yes, can I select a disc that is in 7zip and have launchbox unpack before exiting the pause screen?
  15. Love this style of covers. Excellent work Thank you.
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