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  1. Hi all, Has anyone else had this problem, you start launchbox and some games are missing? I had it with some Mega Drive games a year or two ago and now today when we fired up launchbox to play some Super Mario 3D world, the game is not in the list of Switch games anymore. I store all my games on a nas, in the 7zip format an extract then before playing. Checking the folder on the nas and the game is still there. In launchbox I tried scanning for now roms, but the game isn't added back. I then renamed the file and added it, no problem. The I renamed it back and scanned for removed roms, after that scanned of now roms but the game isn't added back to launchbox. Any ideas to what's going on?
  2. Hazuki

    Sorting MAME roms

    Hi, Anyone know of a script/app that can sort MAME/FBA roms into folders based on the arcade system there from?
  3. Hi all, Hope you all are doing well I haven't abandoned this startup theme, and I was working on a theme and pause theme to go with this startup theme. I got an optic nerve inflammation, so my left eye has blurred vision and I can't see colors normally. Its getting better but I still can't see colors normally, and this makes it hard to work on a theme where seeing colors is kind of important 🙂 I'll be back working on this startup theme once I can see colors as normal again
  4. Hazuki

    Wrong tab

    Hi, Is there a way to cancel a submission to the database? I was updating some games, and clicked on the wrong tab, added info for the wrong game and clicked submit before noticing what I had done.
  5. Its great to see all the new systems added, especially those a little more unusual like N-Gage and Game.com. Just wanted to ask if some of Game Parks platforms such as GP32 will be added?
  6. Hazuki


    This looks really good. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your theme
  7. That's great news I'll be updating tomorrow morning. Thank you for the update
  8. No it doesn't work anymore, this was a great plugin when it was working.
  9. I just wanted to know, how long have the servers been in the Netherlands before the move to the US?
  10. Hazuki

    New Fields

    As proghodet said, https://howlongtobeat.com/ would be great. Maybe a howlongtobeat game-id field so the info can be scraped straight from them. It's nice to know before starting a new game if it's going to take 5h or 50h to complete. My kodi skin surprised me when Halloween came around and it suggested spooky films and tv episodes. And then at Christmas it suggested family/christmas films. I really like the idea and think a field with this kind of information (mode/style) would be great so a bigbox theme can suggest games based off of this. But most of all, I would like to see more rating systems added to the database. ESRB is great but I'd like to see PEGI added as I’m from Europe and this is what's used on games that I buy. And as I have a big Japanese only game collection, CERO is the only rating system used for those games. So having multiple ratings for all games and then in launchbox/bigbox having a priorities order just like for media, so for example I would have PEGI then ESRB and last CERO. (more/all rating systems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_content_rating_system#Comparison_table)
  11. Nice to hear that it fixed the problem
  12. It uses the "Binding BackgroundImagePath", so if you have changed any settings in Tools -> Options -> Background Priorities, this may be the problem. I haven't messed around that much with these settings so I'm not sure. If not, is it on all platforms or only one?
  13. Yes the loading bar scrolls but there’s no percentage displayed
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