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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I thought that was the case, and now I know 🙂
  2. Hi all, Hope you're all doing well. I was originally planning on making a pause theme to go with this, but why not go all the way and make a theme and pause theme? Ive started with the theme and once its done I'll move on to the pause theme. I don't have a pause theme setup at the moment, had some issues with it last time. But is the pause manu just a list of options or do thay open up other "theme" windows? Like in bigbox, if I click on achievements the standard big box achievements window is shown no matter what theme Im running. Is this the way the pause menu works too?
  3. @KaaMoS here we go friend, this is what you are looking for. 🙂 StartingTheGame-Dark.zip StartingTheGame-Light.zip
  4. @KaaMoS, Maybe you can give this one a try? As I plan on having 3 versions of the theme I had to rewrite parts to make it possible for the third version to work. An added bonus is that It will be easier to modify it for other aspect ratios. Anyway This is just for the nes, let me know if it works better. test.7z
  5. I relied heavily on margin in the code. And that seams to be a bad idea. I've got some ideas that may work. I'll try em out and get back to you.
  6. Fantastic as always. Thank you so much for sharing
  7. Thanks, nice to hear that you like it. What game info would you most like to see added? Anything specific like Max Players, Rating?
  8. A new light version, what do you think? Any changes needed?
  9. The metadata.xml made naming all the files easier and as there was alt names in there, I just assumed that's what’s used. The "scrape as” sound like a good place to start and over at XAML Tips and Tricks there's tons of info and helpful people. I have re-drawn some of the logos from scratch and the NEC logos aren't done yet. Source files are mainly a load of mock-ups and one psd with system logos once they are done. There’s a lode of WIP stuff in there now, so I can share them once I'm done. As I've never used xaml before this, I'm looking in to if its possible to manipulate png colours or not from the xaml file. So before any other versions I want to get this done.
  10. @soqueroeu So I tried renaming my Nintendo Entertainment System to Nintendo NES and this gave me the default startup, just like your screenshot. In the "..\LaunchBox\Metadata\Platforms.xml" there's a lot of alternate platform names. I was under the impression that this solved all alternate names. Nintendo NES is in there but the startup will go to the default. I'll look in to this and see if this can be solved for a future update. As for Playlists, I don't have any at the moment. In this release its mainly consoles and handheld. In the next update I'll be adding the missing consoles, start adding arcade systems and looking in to playlists. @Retro808, thanks, I was just trying that as well
  11. @soqueroeu here we go, a version with no logos StartingTheGame-Dark-NoLogo.zip
  12. Hi @soqueroeu Yes I made this with fanart 16:9 in mind. I can upload a version without the clearlogo, no problem. I'll try to get it up later today. The loadbar should be working, its based off of the Default startup theme. If you use the Default startup theme does the loadbar work? Are your roms compressed or just plain roms? If compressed, can you start a bigger rom, say maybe a PlayStation game and see if it works. What name are you using for your platform?
  13. Hi and Thanks. It uses the "Fanart - Background" and than adds the "Clear Logo" on top of it. And the system logo on the left can be found in the folder "..\StartupThemes\StartingTheGame-Dark\Resources\SystemLogo".
  14. Thank you. Yes I plan on making a Pause theme in the same style as this. Hope to have some time to start working on it real soon Thank you
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