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  1. You can launch them with aes %romname% parameter
  2. Mame for everything. More compatibility, more accurate emulation. I can't find a single reason to use fba on pc.
  3. Updated to 10.12 beta7, it's ok now Thanks
  4. Same here, after updating to 10.11, "populating games" phase takes forever (over 5 minutes). same with 10.12 beta. I tried reinstalling 10.10, and works like a charm. The problem is that, during startup, I noticed that 10.11 takes 100% resources from H: drive (the one where i put the roms), like if it was checking the rom files, where 10.10 doesn't
  5. Hi, after updating to 10.11, startup is very slow. The splash screen appears, and "populating games" lasts for minutes. I noticed that it tekes 100% resources on disk H (the one where i keep the roms, launchbox is installed in D), it didn't happen before. Is there some rom control during startup? Can I disable it? Thank you
  6. I did it, but launchbox renames them. I ask to make launchbox leave them as they are, and naming new scraped images by rom files, and not "gametitle-01"
  7. There is a problem: if I put the mame-named image in launchbox folder, launchbox renames it by the name of the game. Is there a way to leave it unchanged, or better, make launchbox name the images by rom name? I have a complete collection of images, and i'd like to import them properly.
  8. oh ok, i tought it was via launchbox
  9. how can i activate bezels in demul? thank you
  10. For every kind of link i make in the dropbox folder, dropbox syncronises its destinarion, even if the files are in another disk. I don't want the cache folder to continuoslu upload files. Also, when a symlink is added, dropbox creates a folder on every device synched
  11. It's still a problema for me, because I use launchbox on multiple devices, synched with dropbox. If i make a symlink in the dropbox folder, it creates a real folder in the other device. Furthermore, the continuos creation and deletion of cache files stresses tha dropbox sincronisation. Please add an option to change the hdd cache size. Thank you
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