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  1. @Jason Carr help me!! 😅 Brazilian Portuguese - Release Notes Included + Fixed Beta 11 some translations!! Language-pt-BR_9.0_Plus.zip Claudio
  2. Done! @Jason Carr Brazilian Portuguese - Release Notes Included Language-pt-BR_9.0_Final.zip Claudio
  3. Give me 10 minutes @Jason Carr.
  4. Brazilian Portuguese Language-pt-BR_9.0.zip Claudio
  5. Hi @Jason Carr, how do u do my friend? Make some translations and rewrite texts of all buttons. If you can insert in the next beta...Thank u. Language-pt-BR_Revised_9.0 Beta.zip Claudio
  6. Thanks for new update @Jason Carr. After -2 hours checking the version, make 187 fix (points, commas, relatives, accentuations..._ I have changed too the texts of all buttons to fit the right size. Corrected the meaning of some sentences that were needed. If you can insert in the next beta...🤩. Language-pt-BR_Revised_8.9.2.zip Claudio
  7. Hi @Jason Carr, Revised and refined some lines in the translation Some phrases are redoing to better visual spacing (legacy options) . Please if u can, insert in next beta to revised again. Language-pt-BR_Revised_8.9.1.zip Claudio
  8. Version 8.9 is fully translated for next release. Language-pt-BR_Revised_8.9.zip Claudio
  9. Hi @CliveBarker @AFaustini @Wattoo @Opak @dukeemu @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Kondorito Its missing a </li> on Strings/Markup88Changes (Look screenshot): Claudio
  10. @Jason Carr if have time.. Language-pt-BR_Revised_8.8.zip Claudio
  11. You're correct mate. I saw this error a few days ago and already fixed to version 8.8 I was thinking of asking @Jason Carr to update in the next beta. I also refined some lines in the translation that were in the upper case. 😉 Claudio
  12. Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Cinematic Video View File Hi all, its my first mini-cinematic video from Magnavox Odyssey 2 system. Chose Magnavox Odyssey 2 because never found any cinematic good for it. 😉 Any suggestions will be welcome to next release, Claudio Submitter Cauptain Submitted 09/30/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Hi all, its my first mini-cinematic video from Magnavox Odyssey 2 system. Chose Magnavox Odyssey 2 because never found any cinematic good for it. 😉 Any suggestions will be welcome to next release, Claudio
  14. Of course @Jason Carr. Its a shortcut to start the translation only. I am very annoying with the Portuguese language and because of this I am always improving the translation, leaving it polished like a diamond. 😁 Claudio
  15. A very nice tip for anything person. - Create a Azure account (30 days with all included). - Start Translator API - Get a key. - Configure Zeta Resource to Automatic Translation - Enjoy. This will greatly reduce your work. PS: I only found out afterwards that I translated everything by hand 😭😭😭 Claudio
  16. Just start translation @pitaru. Do you want? Maybe @Jason Carr can create an empty template for any translation. Claudio
  17. @Jason Carr another option is make a default action on right mouse. Go to image group and select prefer view, type Control+A to select all, right mouse button, options and save all option like screenshot below. Claudio
  18. Hi @Jason Carr I have a suggestion. In the audit part, can you put the "name" of default Box Images;3D Box Images;Cart Images;3D Cart Images;Screenshot Images;Clear Logo Images;Background Images just like the video? Well I have Atari 2600 system with 660 games. I want only the 660 videos, the 660 box front, the 660 clear logos, 660 3d box but its have various images and I need only default. . That would help a lot because if I had the name of the images, I could create a list and use a script to copy the 660 images from the total of 3000 images. Today: Suggestion: Is it difficult to implement? How could I get the name of the main image? Thanks, Claudio
  19. Hi @Jason Carr Final release for LB 8.6 is here: 68 translations/misspelled fixed. Language-pt-BR_Version 8.6_01.09.2018_Final.zip Thank you. Claudio
  20. Hi @Jason Carr If not a problem, ask you to use this new translation in the next BETA, because I saw missing string translation, some grammatical errors and I have refined some translations giving a better treatment. Language-pt-BR_Version 8.6_30.08.2018_Revised.zip Thank you. Claudio
  21. Hi @Jason Carr, Version 8.6 Beta-10 is fully translated for next beta 😉: Language-pt-BR_Version 8.6_30.08.2018.zip Claudio
  22. I'm sorry, I was traveling to work. Today I came home and I'm putting things in order. In some hours upload this. Claudio
  23. Hi @Jason Carr, Version 8.6 Beta is fully translated: Language-pt-BR_Version 8.6_24.08.2018.zip But I find one missing string to translate (Options, retro achievements): Can fix this? Claudio
  24. One suggestion is to send PM to translator, in this case @Wattoo Print any errors or suggestions. Everything to leave the translation 100% welcome. Claudio
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