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  1. 9 minutes ago, Styphelus said:

    Would you mind sharing? The Launchbox audit tool is next to useless and I can't fin anything that actually works. I've kept my Hyperspin install just so I can audit my artwork but It would be nice to just get rid of it.

    have the same feeling and using old stuff from other frontends 😞


    8 hours ago, dragon57 said:

    I ended up writing my own audit tool which breaks down all the images into their own category. I have never liked the way they are grouped together according to the rules setup in the LaunchBox Option panel. It also audits manuals, music, etc.

    I would like to see this as well

  2. many thanks, even when it will not cover half of my playlists per Platform and my Platform but this will make it a bit better 🙂

    I have on each platform these playlists:

    all games

    favs aka love these games

    best-of (not favs but also not worth to hide aka not loving but liking them) 

    Done (all games I've done)

    rest (games I set up to hide - wether loving nor liking)


  3. 22 hours ago, UnderwoodNC said:

    Can you copy/paste or do a screenshot of the message that comes up?


    and trying to login makes the chrome browser close automatically complete and that message pops up


  4. i have a problem with the login when I want to add a game. Chrome, Firefox and all the others doesn't want to save and auto-login to the database because of the unsafe connection to the page. does this something to do with the plug in? because when I normally go to the games db, everything works smoothly.

  5. I tried it with chrome (with that issue) and moved over to Firefox.

    I try to work with it.

    is it possible to get an information from the script what I have to do then instead of looking into a browser where nothing happens anymore :-P

  6. with Chrome it will not work well. It starts fast but than It will always have my LogIn datas. So I started it with Firefox, but this is really slow to add Images or a Game to it. Sure better than making everything manually over the page but having build up a so felt completely new System (Sega ST-V) and 59 Games, it still takes hour. Maybe it depend on the performance behavior of LB itself.

    there looks like a issue. when I right click a game, I only have the option to upload a new image to the database. Pressing it goes to the screen and I have to submit a new game into the Database... and I have to press submit on the page. 

    still great work

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