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  1. last one for this week. @seaview59 I'm trying to recreate this badge, but i can't make out the fine print above эвм, I'm asking Diskmach maybe he can help.
  2. I know I've been requesting alot these days.. I will pledge that I will submit no more then 5 per week. I'm working on banners, and at the same time gathering source art for the other less loved systems.. In this particular case, I would like it if you could make an awesome hi-res logo of ExelVision and the butterfly.
  3. would it be possible to fix the skew on Enterprise ? the internet needs a better logo thanks
  4. ah thanks I could have managed that my self, but what I can't do is redraw that logo in hi resolution
  5. for..what i consider non vewlix/candy/pong cabs I though we could use these. The one up close is from coinops... and the other one bought years ago in a set where you can smack all sort of art onto cabs and it would look nice.. @rexryan i can send you the PSD's if you use photoshop
  6. would you send me some of your images so i can have a look ? good images of cabs is one thing but the have them look good nad some how consistent with the rest is daunting.
  7. one more, if i may ask. an earlier SORD logo
  8. Most excellent ! thank you badger!
  9. That is stunning ...please sir, could you do the "creative computer" as wel ? I would be grateful
  10. I hope someone could help me with this one for the SORD M5 computer system I need the SORD and creative computer M5 with the ball square you're all doing an awesome job in here, the image looks like it could be an easy vector
  11. with some help from @Kondorito we finally have a decent PC-Engine Cd-rom console image that guy is awesome. !
  12. got the clear logo's from arcadian some nice ones
  13. so we have this list: Some of these systems already have banners, question is: How uptight are we going to be when it comes to "accuracy" I'm easing off my OCD... Maybe there is some nice source art we can get off emumovies ftp, or maybe there is some stuff that is buried in the arcadian edition of LB..I will have a look. American Laser Games - Exists Arcade - Exists Arcade PC Atari G42 Atari GX2 Atlas BANPRESTO Capcom Play System - Exists Capcom Play System II - Exists Capcom Play System III - Exists Cave Examu Ex-Board Irem M27 Irem M52 Irem M
  14. Okidoki... I've hoisted the jolly roger and downloaded LB "arcadian edition" I think that is a good start for getting a work list.. I'm also working on Computers these last couple of days... here tandy radio shack "trs - 80"
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