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  1. Are you sure ? You didn't adjust it for one of the hand held systems?
  2. dude, why are your consoles at weird angles?
  3. I've matched the keyboard color to that of the monitor.. it looks better.. @Kondorito hi!
  4. I remember that thing.... we actually had someone at our school that played on it during recess...
  5. I gues, but I find his work repetative, these games deserve more. nice playlist, I have a couple of things in the works but I had made this one earlier
  6. ugh for Arcade banners have the logo in front of it... or maybe i shouldnt look for patters but just do what looks best...good night
  7. no it's fine, i've been making it from this... it's getting there.. and the cab is going to be nightsmare.. but at the moment i'm going to bed.
  8. your going fast..i've been about the lack of super system art for the last 3 hours..
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