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  1. so we have this list: Some of these systems already have banners, question is: How uptight are we going to be when it comes to "accuracy" I'm easing off my OCD... Maybe there is some nice source art we can get off emumovies ftp, or maybe there is some stuff that is buried in the arcadian edition of LB..I will have a look. American Laser Games - Exists Arcade - Exists Arcade PC Atari G42 Atari GX2 Atlas BANPRESTO Capcom Play System - Exists Capcom Play System II - Exists Capcom Play System III - Exists Cave Examu Ex-Board Irem M27 Irem M52 Irem M62 Irem M72 Irem M92 Irem M97 Kaneko Konami Bubble System Konami e-AMUSEMENT Namco ES3A Namco NA-1 Namco NB-1 Namco System 22 Nichibutsu Nintendo VS Nintendo Playchoice Nintendo super system Quiz Machines Raw Thrills Sammy Atomiswave - Exists Sega Europa- R Sega Hikaru Sega Lindbergh Sega Model 1 - Exists Sega Model 2 - Exists Sega Model 3 - Exists Sega Naomi - Exists Sega Naomi 2 Sega Ring Edge Sega Ringedge Sega Ringwide Sega ST-V - Exists Sega System 16 Sega System 24 Sega Triforce - Exists Sega X Board Sega Y Board Seibu Kaihatsu SNK Neo Geo - Exists Taito NESiCAxLive Taito Type X Technos Toaplan Video System Co Banners by Emulator: AAE DAPHNE - Exists DICE FINAL BURN ALPHA MAME HBMAME TEKNOPARROT ZINC optional: openBOR MUGEN please add if needed. PM me or something.. also Just becasue it has a banner doesnt mean you can make a new one, if you think it sucks... right ?
  2. Okidoki... I've hoisted the jolly roger and downloaded LB "arcadian edition" I think that is a good start for getting a work list.. I'm also working on Computers these last couple of days... here tandy radio shack "trs - 80"
  3. Seperate Atari 400 and 800 computer We're slowly working towards that point where we have to start talking about the elephant in the room. What are we gonna do with the Arcade systems.. I made a list of things we HAVE ..not a list of things that we need. so suggestions would be welcome - midway williams snk sega nintendo namco konami irem data east capcom atari arcade atari Systems ARCADE Capcom playsystem 1 Capcom playsystem 2 Capcom playsystem 3 Daphne American laser games Namco system 22 Sega model 1 Sega model 2 Sega model 3 Sega Naomi Sega STV SNK Neo geo AES
  4. Maybe you could ask @faeran if he still has those
  5. I'm happy to see all these contributions, people! Awesome!
  6. the platform...sorry i made a mess of things.. how is it going ? what are you working on ?
  7. we need a different image for that one, it;s not evenly lit, what do you think ?? here
  8. Casio PV-2000 Sources: https://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?c=1167 000 is a very obscure japanese system released in 1983 at the same time of the PV-1000 gaming system. These two systems are not compatible with each other, as they have very different architecure. The PV-2000 is closer to MSX systems than to its little brother PV-1000. The PV-2000 is crude little computer marketed as an initiation and gaming machine. The keyboard uses a flat plastic membrane just like the Sinclair ZX-81 for example. 8 direction keys act as a game controller along with two special "fire" keys next to the spacebar. Of course it had no great success. Only 11 cartridges seem to have been released for it, mainly popular Arcade hits (Pac&Pal, Rock'n Rope, Pooyan, Galaga, Super Cobra, etc). NAME PV-2000 MANUFACTURER Casio TYPE Home Computer ORIGIN Japan YEAR 1983 BUILT IN LANGUAGE C83-BASIC KEYBOARD Flat membrane keyboard, 70 keys, 8 arrow keys + 2 ''fire'' keys CPU D780C-1 (Z80A clone) SPEED 3.579 MHz CO-PROCESSOR TMS9918 (Video chipset), SN76489 (PSG sound generator) RAM 4 KB VRAM 16 KB ROM 16 KB TEXT MODES 32 x 24 GRAPHIC MODES 256 x 192, 32 sprites COLORS 16 colors SOUND SN76489 (PSG sound generator) SIZE / WEIGHT 97 (W) x 211 (D) x 46 (H) mm I/O PORTS TV RF video output, Centroncis connector, Tape Interface (300/1200 bauds) POWER SUPPLY External power supply PERIPHERALS Unknown PRICE 29,800 yen (Japan, 1983)v sources : https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/PV-2000 PV-2000 PV-2000 is, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is 1983 was released in October gaming computer ( home-use game machine is the third generation of). The price is 29,800 yen. Nickname is fun . Features [ edit ] With the BASIC interpreter C83-BASIC installed as standard, it was the most affordable programming experience of any game machine that could also be used as a personal computer at the time . The game software was supplied as a ROM cartridge. Released at the same time as the game console PV-1000, which has no PC function . The screen impression is similar, and the CPU was the same as the Z80 compatible, but the PV-2000 is common in game machines at that time, compared to the PV-1000 that uses the NEC image chip and sound source chip and has no sprite function. It had sprite function by adopting TMS9918 and SN76489 . Game software with the same title was sometimes released on both PV-1000 and PV-2000, but PV-1000 and PV-2000 were different platforms and were not compatible. Next 1984 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. in the fall MSX PC specification PV-7 launched the yen 29,800 in the same price. The original PV-2000 ended in about a year. Specifications [ edit ] CPU: Z80 (clock frequency 3.579MHz) VDP: TMS9918 VRAM: 16KB ROM: 16KB RAM: 4KB (expansion possible) Sound function: SN76489 ( similar to PSG , 3ch square wave + 1ch noise) Released software [ edit ] Easy kid special A shooting game with a drawing function. I was able to customize the background etc. to my liking. Rock and rope A ported version of Konami's arcade game. An action game where you use a rope to climb to aim for a golden bird. Part of the surface has been cut due to the capacity of the hardware. Mr. Pack'n A ported version of Namco's arcade game " Super Pac-Man ". Fruits, coffee, bells, etc. appear instead of dots. There is also a super food that opens a wall that is closed due to the existence of a key, and Pac-Man becomes huge for a certain period of time in addition to the power food. Galaga A ported version of Namco's arcade game. The basic game is the same as the original game, but the bonus stage has been cut. Puyang A ported version of Konami's arcade game. The screen is cleaner than the PV-1000 version. The stage composition is also true to the original. Super cobra A ported version of Konami's arcade game. The characters are slightly larger than the PV-1000 version. Like the arcade version, the difficulty is considerably higher. Front line Taito's arcade game porting work. There is only one type of tank, and the enemy will attack as soon as they suddenly appear, so the difficulty level is quite high. Ski command Casio's original vertical shooting game. There is a bonus stage where you jump from the mountain every 3 stages and parachute while exploding the enemy base. Pachinko UFO Excite Mahjong 2 Horse racing Game expansion BASIC By installing this cartridge, BASIC could be expanded.
  9. Manufacturer Exidy Type Home computer Release date 1978; 42 years ago Lifespan 1978–1980 Introductory price US$895 (equivalent to $3,508 in 2019) CPU Zilog Z80 @ 2.106 MHz (later 4 MHz) Memory 4 Kb RAM (expandable to 48 kB. larger sizes came standard in later runs) / 4 kB ROM (cartridges could include 4 to 16 kB) Display 64×30 character display, monochrome Sound none (external additions possible) Connectivity composite video, Centronics parallel, RS-232, sound in/out for cassette use, 50 pin ribbon connector including the S-100 bus. Related articles source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exidy_Sorcerer
  10. the box will clip, so I was looking for an opacicty mask that would smooth out that process. but it doesnt seem to work. maybe @y2guru has an idea how to use opcaity masks.. I've tried applying the attached images as opacity masks, but all I see is a TINY edge of the image
  11. hey wow... look at all the folks comming in. maybe we should organize our labour?
  12. it needed to be done ! so I did! "But klopjero, nobody plays that system!"I don't care!! .. this was the first time that I found something that resembled source material .. SO! Here!! take it ~!!
  13. when doing this sort of artwork it's very easy to get in a certain rhythm.. do you know what I mean ? you find a good image foor the console, you get the logo you need and then pick some fan art or box art and bam, another one done.
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