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  1. @y2guru any luck with the double video playback ? @CMOSS are kinda tweaking out CionOps Theme and were hoping you might fix it ? all in good time ofcourse
  2. Hi, are there plans for integrating/adding Pinball emulator systems to the DB?
  3. I have a question about skewing I have this And I would like to the perspective of the video to tilted in such a way that it would fit in my video frame/pinball cabinet frame.
  4. I have a question. we can use the theme creator to make specific views for platforms, based on the default view. but is it dependent on the fact that the user uses the exact name of the platform ? I'm working with CMOSS on the CoinOPS Redux, and i Noticed that his platform specific views were not showing up when I downloaded his Community theme creator project. instead of an "equals" the look up could be "like" or "Contains" but that could negativly influance performance perhaps ? maybe the theme builder could provide alternate names for a system ?
  5. @y2guru , the menu of what i meant could look like this.. or was that not what you meant ?
  6. your image transition looks better then mine what settings did you use ? i'll make a video of what i made so far... maybe we can join forces or something, the attachment is a bit hodgepodge clicky clicky no editing thingy... 2020-09-03 07-56-13.mp4
  7. @y2guru I'm very happy with your tool dude.. it's excellent. I'm working on a "port" of Coinops, (i"m calling it CoinBox(yes very clever I know )) but where coinops has a set of backgrounds it cycles through, CoinBox will pick from the fan art background of the game or platform for that matter. I think it's coming along quite well. I was wondering though, if you might be working on a feature where you could generate a game information layout within a theme view? Kind of like when you click on the sprocket and select shadow. I hope I conveyed my thoughts to words properly. it's not mayor, I was just wondering as I'm quite lazy
  8. that MK one is right on the money, i like that one the most
  9. thta looks nice, but wouldnt the change in background colour look weird with the rest of the banners ?
  10. Ah but, my little sparrows, the Outerglow is already there... faintly. enough to make it stand out.. to me atleast.
  11. constructive criticizm is always welcome in my opinion. never be afraid to give it.
  12. I suppose I could do that, you think that would look good ?
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