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  1. in LB, I start from platform category, right click All -add -> new category - give it a name (playlists or collections or what have you) then i go to playlists and I right click on a play list -> edit -> parent and select what category i want to be the parent of the playlist
  2. this isnt doing it any favors either i guess.. crappy logo. what were they thinking
  3. the background is awesome, the system is good.. the logo needs work, wouldnt you agree ? gees look at me all critical and stuff..sorry about that,, dome of the other banners have the logo spread over the entire width of the banner. but then the logo would look to small. I think.. I dunno ..overall awesome .!!
  4. You could call it a deformity. But if there is anything that I have kept from my time at hyperspin it's a need for accuracy. And I would replace the cab with a candy cab Other then that I'm happy were getting this of the ground. Will post some more this evening.
  5. ow, hi! How nice of you to drop by this is a thread I thought I'd start up where the community could post their Banners. So I'll start I suppose. btw, Bannerbox in case you didnt know is a cool new theme created by @faeran everyone's favorite space alien. | Here is a link to the theme to be honest I'm not overly happy with these.. but WIP.. although The one I made for windows will work as it is a category banner not for the system. I have a separate windows category where I keep my gog steam scummvm doom cacowards systems.. so .. I
  6. Maybe we should make a forum thread where we could dump these banners. WIP for American laser games
  7. @Kondorito you guys are using Photoshop for these banners? I would to but I find using the community theme creator works just as well. And it preserves the aspects that @faeran thought up. Apart from those awfull stock system images. Of all the images the ST has got to be the worst 😜
    I like it! and I like the fact that you use the community theme creator to make these banners! that's really lowering the bar for other people !! very nice! Wanted to add that I made use of the templates you provided... also thanks for making me aware of rachid lotf..alot of what he does looks samey but I like it
  8. @Jason Carr is there a way to fix this ?
  9. as far as i know it isnt... but It was still on my todo list...so i did.
  10. the new boxes have been uploaded
  11. Maybe we can work together
  12. and then there is this... I sort of got carried away with this one. It's for space quest 0 replicated..
  13. daww Thanks working on an update.. stupid thing is that my buckaneer edition photoshop has difficulties with the actions that @Robin55 provided.. it has something to do with photoshop not using english... here have some ..before I add them to the release package
  14. I will see if i can squeeze out an update for them. glad you enjoy
  15. here is a good place to start.. all gold, no crap.. https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/
  16. Some of these mods consist of multiple pk3s and or wads that need a specific order to launch properly.. which could be difficult I suppose. Anyway glad to put this out here have fun.. I have been working of and on to try and compete these... The last three cacowards have not been added yet.. no time..or more likely easily distracted... I saw this thread and was happy to see someone looking at this
  17. Yeah.. well the original collection was built for hyperspin and rocketlauncher . Where we configured every "rom" to launch with a specified wad and add all the resources you want to load, wads pk3, with gzdoom or what have you. So basically it's done by hand once and then you are Ready to go. If you use rockerlauncher
  18. yes 😛 I have figured out how to fade images out, but I have not found out how to use platform background image, or override background image to fade out. So, If I select a platform, what I would like is for the system / platform background to show and then slowly fade out revealing the video for that platform. am I making sense to you?
  19. is there a community forum thread I have a question: I would like to have a platform specific "background/fanbackground" to splash up full screen when selected and then fade out after a moment. I'm trying to re-create coinops PC in bigbox called CoinBox
  20. google search is your friend
  21. hi, perhaps this is of use ? https://mega.nz/#F!J9RlzRIY!UIzMg8D8drHpJq9s4KQ-vg also here, it was written by @Nielk1 LaunchBox_DoomWorldScraper.zip
  22. A question though, you created a large amount of assets for your Nostalgia series. I can image you'd re-use some of them.. What systems do you suppose need a full rework? what are your ideas concerning playlistst do they feature a tv/monitor playing a collection of or should the tv be surrounded with characters..or perhaps a pile of boxes of the collection ?
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