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  1. @seaview59 do you think this could be possible ? or should I find beter source art?
  2. sorry for the lack of stuff atm guys.. carry on !!
  3. the LB icon isnt workin imo. I kept the back grounds from the HS set the original size and applied a mask to it in photoshop.
  4. i downloaded the same stuff yeasterday good on ya!
  5. HS has a very awesome community of people that churn our content everyday, it's different here. this FE is actually being developed by a DEV, that you can see, that you can interact with, I've been here a few years now and left for the same reason you have.
  6. comming from hyperspin my self, I had to make some adjustments too. The general idea is, that they are not different platforms they just have regional differences. Welcome aboard.
  7. I know your pain.. They are there but you need to scrape them as Western consoles. Super famicom wil be snes. Nec PC engine as turbografx etc.. its confusing
  8. those banners are already included in the theme.
  9. any new thoughts on the arcade stuf ?
  10. lots of USSR computer systems today.
  11. the new week starts on sunday right ? I've not found much inthe way of boxes.. for this one could you just keep the text and the partial rounded rectangle ? in black is fine, but beige is fine to i suppose
  12. after brushing up my Cyriliian,, i find this ,, be honest seaview59, did you redraw this ?
  13. ofcource the regionals?! you're awesome. have some logoS
  14. O dear me ,ofcourse It's a syn wave !! aargh!! ofcource !! i feel so stupid! i was like,.. a sideways hour glass ? DNA strand? it's a computer OFCOURSE IT's a SYNWAVE !
  15. so the label says: "Personal computer PK01 P6808" well that's awesome and just as straight forwardas I would have guessed, I suppose you wouldn't know what the Triangle thing is ? it will be nice to have good drawn badge for this system, the emulation world has to work with what craig anderson cooked up 5 years ago, and thats great but his work deserves better
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